HITEC19 became the first big step for HKeeper into the World of Hotel Tech!

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At the HITEK19 exhibition in Minneapolis, held from June 17 to June 20, the HKeeper software was presented for the first time to the hospitality industry professionals and caught the full attention of hoteliers and software developers.  

It was natural not only because one of the biggest hotel tech trends at the show was the next generation of hotel operational software, mostly concentrated on housekeeping and maintenance, but also because HKeeper has some unique features that distinguish it from similar programs.

Among them, an automated inventory that allows tracking and counts, in real-time, all material usage during any task performance and other operations.

HKeeper, being a universal platform for the operational management of the hotel’s workflow in real-time mode, radically transforms the format of all working processes in the hotel and resort fields. HKeeper is a paradigm change in hotel management.

HKeeper is one of the very first software of its kind to have a Technology Integration Agreement with the HAPI streaming platform, created by Data Travel, LLC. Thanks to this collaboration, HKeeper can be trustfully integrated with all major PMS and other vendors of software related to hotel operations.


Integration with HotBot - messenger for hotel guests allows HKeeper to put the guest relations service on another level of client satisfaction. Now, at the time of booking, hotel guests can enjoy additional pre-order services that are will be performed through HKeeper on time and with the highest quality of service. 

Svetlana Udalov, the Founder and CEO of HKeeper, during numerous meetings with representatives of hotel management companies from the USA, Canada, Germany, Latin America, Israel, and Jamaica, described in detail the existing functions of the software and its economic advantages. 

She has shown that HKeeper represents an entirely new level of internal organization in the hotel business. HKeeper is dynamic, efficient, and focused on providing top quality services at the lowest cost.

The information about the almost immediate ROI and the extraordinary ease of implementing HKeeper made the most significant impression.


Whistle Co-Founder Christofer Hovanesian and Svetlana Udalov had discussed in detail the needs and benefits of integration without the headache of various software for the development of the information technology market in the hotel industry. As a result, they had reached a principal agreement about starting to work on the possibility of integration of Whistle and HKeeper software.  


       Answering the question of Co-Founder and CEO of HotelTechReport Jordan Hollander, "What is HITEC 19 for you?" Svetlana Udalov stated the following:

“At first, it was a bit nervous about taking part in such a grand event and presenting my software among the best IT companies in the world, working for and in the hotel industry. But the great organization, the friendly atmosphere, and the huge amount of information received quickly turned my tension into the incredible strength of the incentive to work even harder to improve HKeeper. Thank you  HITEC19!"

 HKeeper US, LLC was established in 2017 in Orlando, Florida to develop and distribute HKeeper software. The founders of the company have long-term and invaluable experience in the hotel industry and the field of information technologies.

For more information about the features of the HKeeper program, please refer to our website www.hkeeper.us and the information support service of our company [email protected] 

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