Massiva & Emmanuel, Owners of hotel Beausejour in Paris, selected RoomPriceGenie as their revenue management partner

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Hotel Beausejour to verify this case study.
When Massiva & Emmanuel, owners of Hotel Beausejour in Paris opened their doors in 2005, the hotel tech landscape was vastly different. The manual process was common practice, and for revenue management, that meant updating your rates by hand and continuously keeping an eye out for market demand.
Why it matters: But since then, technology has helped to make the lives of hoteliers easier around the world. The same for Massiva and Emmanual. For them automated revenue management saves them time and keeps their prices competitive.
  • RoomPriceGenies automated pricing functionality acts as an always-on pricing manager. As a hotelier, you can always jump in and control your price manually. Either way, RoomPriceGenie will save you time checking your rates against your competitive set and ensure that you never leave money on the table.

Top 3 Core Objectives: When hotel Beausejour started its revenue journey and looked for a revenue management system they had the following requirements in place:
  • Stay competitive: Technology to ensure they did not miss out on trends and special events to keep their pricing competitive and maximize revenue.

  • Save time: The hours required to manually practice revenue management where to much. A system had to save them considerable time.

  • Feel confident: The team at hotel Beausejour wanted to make sure a system was suitable for them as a smaller hotel and had to feel confident the rates set by the system were correct.


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Hotel Beausejour
Massiva Mohandi
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Massiva Mohandi who verified this case study.


Hotel Beausejour

"RoomPriceGenie is suitable for hotels like mine, a smaller hotel."

Massiva Mohandi


👍 Owner Massiva Mohandi said that Massiva from hotel Beausejour is positive about RoomPriceGenie:
  • "RoomPriceGenie is suitable for hotels like mine, a smaller hotel."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Massiva Mohandi evaluated RoomPriceGenie's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that RoomPriceGenie was the best fit solution:
  • Owner Massiva Mohandi said, about their decision: "Thanks to RoomPriceGenie I was able to set pricing and feel confident in it."

📈 The results: After implementing RoomPriceGenie the team at Hotel Beausejour gained their wanted results
  • I have more time now, and I feel more comfortable. I can rely on RoomPriceGenie because it does see the changes in the markets and will help me with my pricing strategy in future." says Massiva, owner of hotel Beausejour

  • “RoomPriceGenie is suitable for hotels like mine, a smaller hotel.” says Massiva, owner of hotel Beausejour

  • “Thanks to RoomPriceGenie I was able to set pricing and feel confident in it.” says Massiva, owner of hotel Beausejour

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