How H-Hotels improve customer satisfaction and generate more revenue with automated upselling

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at H-Hotels to verify this case study.
To ensure their guests know about the available services, H-Hotels’ team needed extra help and turned to Oaky.
Why it matters: The H-Hotels team began leveraging Oaky to communicate their products and services better to their guests and generate extra revenue.
  • By using Oaky’s tools and integrating with Duetto, H-Hotels can achieve With the utilization of Oaky's outstanding tools and seamless integration with Duetto, H-Hotels achieved unparalleled success from various angles.

Top 3 Core Objectives: H-Hotels aimed to increase revenue and conversion as well as guest relationship and internal collaboration.
  • Stronger guest relationships: Investing in new tools is of no use if you don’t have the buy-in of the rest of your team. Ensuring that guests see only available deals enhances the guest experience, as the team doesn’t have to disappoint their customers if a certain room or service is not available anymore.

  • Increasing conversion and revenue: H-Hotels needed a cost-effective way to boost upsell conversions and revenue.

  • Improved collaboration: Working as a cohesive unit is crucial for hotel chains like H-Hotels.


Become an Upselling Superhero

Innovators Mentioned

Deniel Frey
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Deniel Frey who verified this case study.

VP of Revenue Management


"The results are quite strong. Last year, we achieved a really strong ROI of 8x."

Deniel Frey

VP of Revenue Management

👍 VP of Revenue Management Deniel Frey said that High ROI through Oaky:
  • "The results are quite strong. Last year, we achieved a really strong ROI of 8x."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Deniel Frey evaluated Oaky's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Oaky was the best fit solution:
  • VP of Revenue Management Deniel Frey said, about their decision: "Our goal is to implement Oaky through multiple departments and also into different processes, for example, into the reservations department or front office upselling. I think Oaky will help us as a company to cover the entire customer journey by focusing on customer satisfaction. This will help us to drive more revenues, maybe drive more direct revenue."

📈 The results: What took H-Hotels’ team by surprise was the impressive upsell conversion rates that they would enjoy, as well as a great improvement in guests relationship and internal collaboration.
  • In 2022, H-Hotels achieved an ROI of 800% with the help of Oaky & Duetto, a revenue of € 97.900, and an upgrade conversion of 2.5%.

  • Their different teams were given an intuitive tool that empowered them to work together as a unit. As a company, they can cover the whole customer journey together.

  • As Oaky offers real-time upselling, guests see only available deals eliminating confusion and disappointment. Staff are also happier as their job is easier and they can devote all their attention to the needs of the guest.

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