Jesper from Hotel Rival: How Front Desk Upsell automation drives exceptional upsell results while shaping our workplace culture

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Hotel Rival to verify this case study.
Hotel Rival, a prestigious Stockholm luxury hotel, has been an Oaky customer since 2017. As soon as Oaky rolled out the new upselling module, Front Desk Upsell automation, Hotel Rival became one of the first customers to adopt it.
Why it matters: The integration between Oaky and Mews has helped turn hesitant front desk agents into upselling superstars, helping them elevate the guest experience and drive more profit.
  • By combining seamless onboarding, a user-friendly learning curve, and the ability for Hotel Rival to provide incentives to their front desk agents, Oaky has significantly contributed to enhancing overall staff satisfaction, consequently making their hotel a more appealing workplace.

Top 3 Core Objectives: Hotel Rival was looking at how to elevate guest experience while driving profitability on-arrival and decreasing turnover of the hotel front-desk staff:
  • Stellar guest experience: As Jesper Sandberg, Revenue and eCommerce Manager at Hotel Rival, points out, guests who stay in higher room categories are generally more satisfied guests and more willing to spend money on extra services and amenities. Thus, one of the main reasons why Hotel Rival implements upselling at the front desk was to improve their guests’ stays.

  • Higher upsell revenue: Satisfied guests leaving positive reviews not only enhance the hotel's reputation but also provide an opportunity to raise rates, ultimately increasing ancillary revenue.

  • Staff satisfaction: Happier staff makes it easier to have happier guests, which leads to more revenue and a happier management team.


Become an Upselling Superhero

Innovators Mentioned

Hotel Rival
Jesper Sandberg
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Jesper Sandberg who verified this case study.

Revenue and eCommerce Manager

Hotel Rival

Frida Klondiras
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Frida Klondiras who verified this case study.

Receptionist & Booking Agent

Hotel Rival

"We’ve seen unimaginable results right from the start. A 358% increase in upsell revenue in the first month and a 638% increase in the second month."

Jesper Sandberg

Revenue and eCommerce Manager

👍 Revenue and eCommerce Manager Jesper Sandberg said that Oaky's Front Desk Upsell Automation solution has substantially boosted upsell revenue growth for the hotel:
  • "We’ve seen unimaginable results right from the start. A 358% increase in upsell revenue in the first month and a 638% increase in the second month."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Frida Klondiras evaluated Oaky's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Oaky was the best fit solution:
  • Receptionist & Booking Agent Frida Klondiras said, about their decision: "The tool is very easy to use, and making upsells has never been more fun!"

📈 The results: Oaky's Front Desk Upselling enabled Hotel Rival to achieve an impressive tenfold increase in upselling revenue while saving approximately five hours through high automation during check-in.
  • Achieved a remarkable front desk upsell target of €10,009 by using the new solution in only a month

  • Saved around 300 minutes

  • Upsell conversion rate of 12%

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