How Philippines-based Millennial Resorts Centralizes Control Over Multi-property Operations and Boosts Package Revenue with Hotelogix

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Millennial Resorts to verify this case study.
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Hotelogix multi-property management system helps Millennial Resorts in Philippines gain centralised control over group operations and sell more rooms via multiple packages.
Why it matters: Having centalised control over member properties' operations improves overall operational capabilities. And being able to sell more via multiple packages boosts revenues.
  • With a single sign-on, the management at Millennial Resorts can monitor operations across all 4 properties from central dashboard. Moreover, Hotelogix multi-property management system enables the client sell more rooms by allowing them to create and promote over 40 packages.

Top 3 Core Objectives: To gain centralised control over multi-property operations. To create multiple packages to sell more. To save time in handling OTA bookings. To gain insights into guests' preferences. To tracking guest and reservation data on the go.
  • Centralised multi-property operations: The client wanted to monitor operations across all its 4 properties from a single location.

  • Creating multiple packages: It was important to attract more guests and sell more rooms for enhance occupancy and RevPAR.

  • Efficient OTA booking handling: The client wanted a cloud-based multi-property management system with channel manager integration to handle OTA bookings in real-time.


Hotelogix is robust cloud based property management system designed to simplify hotel operations, increase market reach, drive more bookings and maximize revenue. Hotelogix provides solutions for both independent and group properties and is trusted by hoteliers in 100+ countries.

Innovators Mentioned

Teddy R Tenerife
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Teddy R Tenerife who verified this case study.

IT Manager

Millennial Resorts

"“Hotelogix has helped us scale our business by adding and managing new properties while keeping IT costs under control. Very soon, our upcoming 5th property will start using this intelligent solution.""

Teddy R Tenerife

IT Manager

👍 IT Manager Teddy R Tenerife said that Apart from helping the client with centralised control over multi-property operations, Hotelogix has helped them expand their portfolio while keeping IT overhead costs under control.:
  • "“Hotelogix has helped us scale our business by adding and managing new properties while keeping IT costs under control. Very soon, our upcoming 5th property will start using this intelligent solution.""

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Teddy R Tenerife evaluated Hotelogix's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Hotelogix was the best fit solution:
  • IT Manager Teddy R Tenerife said, about their decision: "“Offering packages is key to attracting more guests in a top-rated tourist destination like the Philippines. Hotelogix enables us to configure and promote over 40 packages to sell more. This is awesome. What else do you want?""

📈 The results: Centralised control over group operations, Ability to create and sell multiple packages, 90% time saved in handling OTA bookings, Access to guest history and reservation summary, Ability to offer personalised services to guests.
  • The client can now monitor operations across its 4 properties from a central location, resulting in improved operational capabilities.

  • The client is able to configure over 40 packages to attract a wide range of guests, resulting in more sales and occupancy.

  • The channel manager integration and the subsequent real-time update of rates and inventory has helped the client save 90% of time.

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