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Video Interviewing, Team engagement, Human capital management, Digital interviewing, SaaS, Video screening, Human resources, Recruiting, Talent management, HR, Talent interaction platform, Mobile interview, HR Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Pre-Hire Assessments, Pre-Employment Assessments, and Machine Learning

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About HireVue
Founded in 2004 | Headquarters in South Jordan (United States) | 336 employees
The Best Talent, Faster, with Video Intelligence. HireVue is transforming the way companies discover, hire, and develop talent with Video Intelligence. Video interviewing, scheduling, and assessments, all on one powerful platform. Talent Acquisition Leaders are expected to deliver the right candidates at lightning speeds, but traditional recruiting practices mean your recruiters typically have to sacrifice speed for quality. Not anymore. HireVue’s platform captures video and uses artificial intelligence to give you more insight into candidates, so you can make better decisions. HireVue customers remove steps like resume reviews, phone screens, and traditional assessments from their recruiting processes. The right candidates expect more. By using the latest technology, you can ensure a great candidate experience that keeps the best talent in your pipeline.


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