How An Island Apart Used Duve's Smart Upselling Tools to Reach 1120% ROI

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at An Island Apart to verify this case study.
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An Island Apart ( manages over 180 holiday rentals across the island of Madeira. Being early adopters of Duve, An Island Apart has been using Duve to centralize all guest communication, automatically generate ancillary revenue through upsells, and provide a digital, yet personal experience for guests.
Why it matters: An Island Apart has been in the holiday rentals apartment for more than a decade, and continually follows what's new and trending in hospitality-tech. After trying out other solutions, An Island Apart tested Duve and found it to be the best fit.
  • An Island Apart uses Duve today to manage tasks and operations, automate upsells such as transportation services, early check-ins, and late check-outs, and communicate with guests. An Island Apart also collects important information and documents from guests during the online check-in, and leverages Duve's web-based guest app to share information about apartments and services nearby with guests.

Top 3 Core Objectives: An Island Apart searched for a solution that would allow them to centralize all communication with guests - from the moment they reserved and through check-out. They wanted to be able to easily offer guest relevant upsells such as early check-in or late check-out, transportation services, or other special tours.
  • Centralize guest communication: Improve and centralize all guest communication from their reservation and through the end of their stay. They wanted to have a way to speak with guests and share information with them about the property, rather than explaining to each guest repeatedly upon their arrival.

  • Collect important documents: Regulations require An Island Apart to declare each guest's arrival to authorities.

  • Offer guests more services: In order to maximize each guest's revenue potential and the services offered to guests, they wanted to be able to offer additional services both to provide their guests with a more complete experience and to earn additional revenue.


Upsell - increase revenue with a personal touch

Innovators Mentioned

An Island Apart
Maida Gomes
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Maida Gomes who verified this case study.

Software Manager

An Island Apart

Rodrigo Rodrigues
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Rodrigo Rodrigues who verified this case study.

Partner & Technology Manager

An Island Apart

"Duve is extremely handy for us. It helps us tremendously with everything related to operations and maintenance. It's definitely one of the tools that we love to use!"

Maida Gomes

Software Manager

👍 Software Manager Maida Gomes said that Duve is extremely handy to their team:
  • "Duve is extremely handy for us. It helps us tremendously with everything related to operations and maintenance. It's definitely one of the tools that we love to use!"

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Rodrigo Rodrigues evaluated Duve's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Duve was the best fit solution:
  • Partner & Technology Manager Rodrigo Rodrigues said, about their decision: "With a lot of automation in hospitality, it's easy to lose the human touch. We use greeters within Duve to maintain a sense of human touch and to help our guests feel like they are speaking to a human and not a machine. Before Duve we tested out another solution for centralizing our guests' communication, but we didn't love it. Then when we started using Duve, we realized it was a good fit."

📈 The results: Duve's end-to-end guest experience solution allowed An Island Apart to focus on expansion in other areas, while Duve was able to take care of many different automations that significantly helped reduce the workload on their staff, while boosting their revenues.
  • By using Duve's Communication Hub, guests could easily chat with the staff. Additionally, by providing all details about the rentals and about services in the area through Duve's Guest App, An Island Apart both could enjoy the ease of providing information to guests, while their guests could enjoy the comfort of always having access to the information they needed.

  • By collecting basic information and documents of guests during Duve's online check-in, they were able to forward this information to authorities automatically, reducing their staff's workload.

  • An Island Apart was able to reach an average of 1120% ROI from automatically selling transportation services, early check-ins, late check-outs, and even tours and activities during high-season on the island.

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