How Siyam World streamlined urgent and non-urgent operational tasks within the resort while reducing completion times by 45%

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Siyam World reveals how they integrated Eleanor’s Task & Guest Request module into their operations, replacing a previously used traditional task system and unlocked individual task insights which has led to increased productivity.
Why it matters: Efficient task and guest request management within a resort is the cornerstone of ensuring a seamless and enjoyable guest experience. Meticulous task management behind the scenes is therefore critical. As resorts drive to deliver speedy solutions to common tasks, and guest requests, the distribution and visibility to management of who, when and how long these tasks take to complete is essential.
  • Many task management solutions work on the principle of each task being set a specific amount of time that should be taken to complete. Typically these are entered on setting up the system and decided upon in an office rather than on the ground in realistic day to day operations. In most situations this allocated time is not realistic enough to complete the task. With breach notifications making their way to management, employees often mark a task as complete, sometimes before even starting it. With over 100 individual tasks per day the resort had no visibility on how long individual tasks were really taking. Siyam World’s adoption of Eleanor’s Task & Guest Request module, ensured that tasks were delt with in an efficient manor while providing accurate timeline data for each task. Employees are no longer afraid of breach notifications being fired to management thanks to the very sensible approach to allocating timings to tasks and requests. The result is management now have real insight to every day task operations and where their bottlenecks are. This new level of information is also allowing the resort to streamline and work on reducing the real time taken on various tasks and requests.

Top 3 Core Objectives: The core objectives of Siyam World were to understand how long tasks were really taking them to complete, identify bottlenecks in their processes and streamline their teams to reduce the time spent on tasks and their management.
  • Identify bottlenecks: Through a single daily report, Siyam World were looking to discover areas of their task management which were causing bottlenecks and delaying completition.

  • Streamline completion of tasks: Having correct figures to work with, the resort wanted to work on improving and tracking completion times.


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Innovators Mentioned

Siyam World
Ausy Waseem
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Resort Manager

Siyam World

"The results have been very impressive, and we now have a system which is being used as intended and providing real actionable data for us."

Ausy Waseem

Resort Manager

👍 Resort Manager Ausy Waseem said that We now have a system which provides real actionable data.:
  • "The results have been very impressive, and we now have a system which is being used as intended and providing real actionable data for us."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Ausy Waseem evaluated Eleanor's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Eleanor was the best fit solution:
  • Resort Manager Ausy Waseem said, about their decision: "Eleanor has been extremely flexible and presents us the solutions, the best part is that they propose solutions with considerations made from all aspects, their genuine approach to make things easy for the resort is why we love them!"

📈 The results: Eleanor’s Task & Guest Request module has been integrated across all departments within the resort and is managing real time and future tasks effectively. Through Eleanor’s daily task report, departments and management have insight to integral task data and is now part of the daily operations of the resort.
  • Task completion times have been improved by 45% since the resort started receiving real world data. Bottlenecks were easily identified and streamlined to help ensure a continued improvement

  • Over 3,000 tasks and requests are made and managed each month at the resort through Eleanor’s web-based module, making it accessible to all necessary staff.

  • Play by play logging and daily reports make analysing task data easier.

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