How The Glen Boutique Hotels save 4 hours a day with RoomRaccoon

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at The Glen Boutique Hotel & Spa to verify this case study.
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The Glen Boutique Hotel & Spa is a 24-room property located in Fresnaye, Cape Town. The 5-star hotel offers several elegant rooms and suites and a luxurious penthouse with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. The hotel features an onsite spa and a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition to onsite facilities, the hotel provides airport transfers and several tours that showcase the very best that Cape Town has to offer.
Why it matters: Before joining RoomRaccoon, The Glen Boutique Hotel & Spa used a combination of tools and a server-based IT platform. They needed a cloud-based solution to consolidate their tech stack while providing an unforgettable stay for guests.
  • RoomRaccoon provided an all-in-one, cloud-based solution that allowed The Glen Boutique Hotel to elevate its operations, boost revenue and delight guests.

Top 3 Core Objectives: The Glen Boutique Hotel required a modern hotel management system that could automate repetitive tasks and support their business goals.
  • Optimise rates with automation: Changing rates across several booking channels was a manual, time-intensive process for the Glen Boutique Hotel. As a result, they only updated rates for the low and high seasons. This meant they lost out on maximising revenue. They required a dynamic pricing tool to make it simple to enhance their revenue management strategy.

  • Increase ancillary revenue: The Glen Boutique Hotel found that during busy check-in times, the front desk receptionists would forget to promote ancillary services like spa treatments or restaurant specials. They required an automated guest menu to inform guests of all offerings before arrival.

  • Streamline workflow: The Glen Boutique Hotel was bogged down by administrative tasks like guest correspondence, payment reminders and keeping track of bookings from various channels. They required an HMS that would automate repetitive tasks and allow them to be more strategic in establishing and maintaining relationships with guests and developing staff.


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Innovators Mentioned

The Glen Boutique Hotel & Spa
Takunda Maparenyanga
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Takunda Maparenyanga who verified this case study.

General Manager

The Glen Boutique Hotel & Spa

"With RoomRaccoon’s Yield Manager, the team at the Glen Boutique Hotel has access to yield rules that make it simple for them to enhance their dynamic pricing strategy and generate additional revenue for their property."

Takunda Maparenyanga

General Manager

👍 General Manager Takunda Maparenyanga said that Our yield rules work exceptionally well when we are approaching peak season. They also help us regulate the traffic to our bookings by adjusting our pricing based on our occupancy. We can offer a 10% discount for first-time guests and a 20% for VIP guests who have been coming to stay with us for more than 5 years. We can also easily offer seasonal discounts based on occupancy and availability, pricing based on our occupancy.:
  • "With RoomRaccoon’s Yield Manager, the team at the Glen Boutique Hotel has access to yield rules that make it simple for them to enhance their dynamic pricing strategy and generate additional revenue for their property."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Takunda Maparenyanga evaluated RoomRaccoon's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that RoomRaccoon was the best fit solution:
  • General Manager Takunda Maparenyanga said, about their decision: "Guests have us at the top of their list because they are prompted by the extra services we offer as they make their booking. RaccoonUpsell helps us generate additional sales and increase our ancillary revenue in the services that we do offer. We have seen a major increase in the sales of our spa packages in the past month. With RaccoonUpsell, we have a higher chance of making the sale of these items and packages because they are informed of all our services upon the time of making their initial booking."

📈 The results: RoomRaccoon’s hotel management software has worked wonders for The Glen Boutique Hotel. In addition to saving them valuable time every day, they’ve upsold more of their unique offerings than ever before thanks to RaccoonUpsell and increased their RevPAR by 22% in just one year with dynamic pricing!
  • Increased RevPAR by 22% in a year by implementing RoomRaccoon’s yield management rules and dynamic pricing tools.

  • 272% ROI on RaccoonUpsell subscription - RoomRaccoon’s automated guest service menu.

  • Saved 4 hours daily with smart automation.

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