How Holiday Rentals Saved an Average of 3 Hours a Day From Automating Communications

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Holiday Rentals to verify this case study.
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In an effort to streamline the guest experience, Holiday Rentals deployed Duve across their 40+ apartments earlier in 2022. Duve replaced the team's need to check in guests manually and served as a central point for all of their communications with guests. Prior to deploying Duve, the Holiday Rentals team would do everything manually from checking in guests to checking them out, while managing all of their communication manually through phone or email.
Why it matters: Today with Duve, Holiday Rentals reach nearly an 85% online check-in rate and benefits from automated revenue boosting through Duve's upsell capabilities.
  • With functions like online check in and check-out, chat/SMS messaging, and a web-based guest app, Duve revolutionizes the way Holiday Rentals operates today. Within a month of rolling out Duve, Holiday Rentals noted a significant boost in both employee and guest satisfaction.

Top 3 Core Objectives: Managing dozens of apartments across Tel Aviv was very time-consuming for the Holiday Rentals team and required being available by phone at all times of the day. They searched for a solution that would help them automate nearly all of their manual operations
  • Task planning and coordination: Their maintenance team would have to manually look into the PMS every day to see when the apartment has been cleared by guests to plan cleaning for the next guests. They searched to add some automation to this so that they could plan cleanings ahead of time and focus more on other tasks that were essential to the running of the business.

  • Automate guest communication: Communication with guests would take most of their day's time so they searched for a way to automate communication with guests from their reservations and through check-out. They would receive the same questions over and over again and would have to respond to each guest over WhatsApp every day, so they needed to create a method that would help them be more efficient.

  • Collect guest details: They wanted to collect as many guest details as possible before guests would arrive so that it would save them both time from meeting guests and from having to scan documents themselves at the apartments.


Offer your guests to check-in online before their arrival so they can skip the long lines at reception! Contactless is the new standard.

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Holiday Rentals
David Amiel
Hotel Tech Report reached out to David Amiel who verified this case study.


Holiday Rentals

"Duve has completely changed the way we operate at Holiday Rentals and I am extremely happy that Duve is part of our tech stack. What's even better is that I have noticed that our guests are just as happy that we are using Duve as we are."

David Amiel


👍 Manager David Amiel said that They have significantly reduced the amount of back-and-forth communication they have with guest before and during their stay thanks to Duve's automated tools:
  • "Duve has completely changed the way we operate at Holiday Rentals and I am extremely happy that Duve is part of our tech stack. What's even better is that I have noticed that our guests are just as happy that we are using Duve as we are."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, David Amiel evaluated Duve's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Duve was the best fit solution:
  • Manager David Amiel said, about their decision: "We didn't find a solution in the market that even is close to the one-stop-shop that Duve offers. The guidebook is one of the most useful things we use with our guests. Now, we can focus all of our business efforts on expansion as well as catering to specific requests that our customers may have. We are able to automate all communications with gets from confirmation emails, to arrival messages, and pre-scheduled messages that are sent to guests during their stay and right before their departure."

📈 The results: Since implementing a guest app that contains all the necessary information for guests to get before and during their stay, Holiday Rentals has seen a decrease in manual operations, without affecting the level of service they offered. Further, they have noticed that guests are less likely to ask questions and are more likely to use the app to get any information they need before and during their stay.
  • Holiday Rentals was able to completely change the way guests arrive to the apartments and was able to get nearly 85% of online check-ins completed by guests before their arrival, saving them the time they would usually spend meeting guests and collecting identification documents.

  • Holiday Rentals doesn't have to respond to frequently asked questions manually--they always direct guests to the Guest App, where they have explanatory videos of how to access the apartment, explanations on how to use apartment appliances and tips on things to do nearby.

  • Guests have everything they need at their fingertips. Both guest and staff satisfaction have significantly boosted within the first month of implementing Duve.

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