Pousada da Praia de Caraíva resolved overbookings and reached 90% occupancy with Cloudbeds

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Pousada da Praia de Caraíva to verify this case study.
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Just a short stroll from the beach, Pousada da Praia de Caraíva is located in the coastal city of Porto Seguro in Bahia, Brazil. With its 11 cozy suites, it is a prime spot for those looking for relaxation in the midst of a beautiful and vibrant city.
Why it matters: Paulo Munarin, the property’s co-owner and manager since 2015, saw the need and opportunity to improve the performance of his growing business with reliable hospitality management software.
  • After a year-long search for a solution, Paulo was impressed by Cloudbed's user-friendly and intuitive interface. When comparing it against other software options in the market, Cloudbeds stood out as the best choice with better cost-benefit.

Top 3 Core Objectives: When doing his research, Paulo sought out technology that would provide data for relevant business analysis and support daily operations. He wanted a modern, cloud-based, and easy-to-use system that also offered fast customer support.
  • Better operational efficiency: Cloudbeds' modern hospitality management system allowed Pousada da Praia de Caraíva to keep up with a growing number of customers and staff.

  • Elimination of overbookings: Cloudbeds' reliable channel manager eliminated the risk of overbookings and helped in enhancing customer satisfaction.

  • Fast customer support: Cloudbeds’ support and sales team were there to answer questions promptly through every phase of the process.


More new channels. More new guests.

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Paulo Munarin
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Paulo Munarin who verified this case study.


Pousada da Praia de Caraíva

"We saw our business grow and achieve a 90% occupancy rate through Cloudbeds’ reports. Now, I check the reports daily and it’s the end of guesswork."

Paulo Munarin


👍 Co-owner Paulo Munarin said that he needed something simple, easy-to-use, and that was where Cloudbeds impressed him.:
  • "We saw our business grow and achieve a 90% occupancy rate through Cloudbeds’ reports. Now, I check the reports daily and it’s the end of guesswork."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Paulo Munarin evaluated Cloudbeds's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Cloudbeds was the best fit solution:
  • Co-owner Paulo Munarin said, about their decision: "For a small pousada like ours, Cloudbeds is one of the best systems that I found."

📈 The results: After switching to Cloudbeds, Pousada Da Praia went from being managed using spreadsheets and having frequent overbookings to having all their operations be more professional, efficient, and reliable.
  • 90% occupancy rate during low season: Through reports available on the Cloudbeds Platform, Paulo noticed the occupancy rates of Pousada da Praia de Caraíva were about 80% in 2021 and reached 90% in August, a month considered low season at Caraíva.

  • Channel diversification: Pousada Da Praia de Caraíva is now connected to five OTAs. Since the Cloudbeds platform keeps their room inventory and availability updated in real-time on all connected distribution channels, there is no fear of overbookings.

  • Word-of-mouth success: Pousada da Praia was the first property in Caraíva to use a cloud-based system, and now there are more than five businesses in the area that also use Cloudbeds.

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