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About three&six
Founded in 2019 | Headquarters in London (United Kingdom) | 6 employees
By using the latest digital tools and techniques, we can help you reach more people, build relationships, and grow your business. Hospitality digital marketing is an essential part of any business. You simply can’t rely on word-of-mouth or unexpected group business anymore. It’s about using all the available channels to reach your target audience and create a consistent, engaging experience that will encourage them to book with you again and again.

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Trustworthy & Results-Driven Agency

Director | Marketing + Ecommerce from 100 to 199 room Boutique in Washington (United States of America)

15 months ago
The team at Three & Six are great to work with and are incredibly talented. They take a client-first approach.
Country United States of America
Director | Marketing + Ecommerce
Large Hotel

Great expertise and service!

Director of Marketing from 500+ room Boutique in Dallas (United States of America)

15 months ago
After working with a lot of agencies, I've found to appreciate the ones that go above and beyond from the get-go, don't require much direction and provide consultative support (as opposed to reactive). I have thusfar been pleased with the services of Three&Six from a digital media perspective and they make the process engaging and collabora...
Country United States of America
Director of Marketing
X-Large Hotel
Ben from three&six replied
Hi Kim, Thank you very much for this review. It's no surprise you've felt so supported by the team, but it's always great to be reminded that we really have the best in the business working with us! We look forward to continuing this, and helping you succeed. All the best, Ben Hanley.

Pathway, Paid Search

Web & CRM Marketing Manager from 75-99 room Hostel in Jasper (Canada)

16 months ago
Our Senior Digital Marketing Manager (Kerst Lehmann) for paid search was truely an expert and knows the hospitality industry. He'll work with you to understand your business and will create customized ads to best reach people search for your hotel. Lot's of ongoing support and very timly in responding to questions and following up. Great wo...
Country Canada
Web & CRM Marketing Manager
Large Hotel
Ben from three&six replied
Hi Scott, Thanks so much for this review -- we've really enjoyed working with you and the rest of the Coast team, and I'm glad to hear Kerst has done so well for you. Please feel free to reach out in future for any advice, questions or even if you just need a sounding board for a new strategy. I know the whole team would be more than happy to help. All the best, Ben Hanley.

Great Service!

General Manager from 50-74 room Branded Hotel in Jasper (Canada)

17 months ago
The team at 3&6 are professional and make it easy to get started. Their pathway system has given us high ROI and were very happy with their service.
Country Canada
General Manager
Medium Hotel

3&6 Website & Digital Marketing

Director of Projects from 100 to 199 room Boutique in Miami (United States of America)

17 months ago
3&6 have been incredibly responsive to our needs and have been proactive in explaining what processes or best practices will help our new website. They work very closely with our property teams on a daily basis on digital marketing and SEO.
Country United States of America
Director of Projects
Large Hotel

Expertise and benchmarks for hospitality industry is always appreciated, especially since travel has been volatile due to pandemic.

Marketing Manager from 200 to 499 room Resort in Lihue (United States of America)

17 months ago
Kerst, our rep is awesome. He is knowledge about hospitality benchmarks and I rely on his expertise and advice to optimize our campaigns. Results and metrics offer transparency we need to share with our leadership team to validate budget spends.
Country United States of America
Marketing Manager
X-Large Hotel

Solutions Oriented

eCommerce Director from 500+ room Boutique in Cranston (United States of America)

18 months ago
The ease of the relationship. If I have a question, need feedback, reporting, or have input, it's very easy to get a hold of our account director and/or their team. It is a natural dialogue that is solutions oriented.
Country United States of America
eCommerce Director
X-Large Hotel
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