Mission Possible – Digitized Housekeeping with PMS Interfaces

The future is bright, digital, connected and smoother than ever. At hotelkit, we don't just want to dream about the possibilities, we want to be them! Starting with new solutions for more effective time management. That's why we used the "Corona year" to put our heads together and work on our PMS interfaces.


The interface between hotelkit and the respective PMS is important, in particular for housekeeping processes. All important information, from check-in to room cleaning status, is imported from the PMS directly into hotelkit Housekeeping. hotelkit basically functions like a very advanced walkie-talkie. It simplifies communication and team collaboration. And collects information from a wide range of systems on one platform.


The mission – excellent service & happy guests

Every employee always gives 100% to fulfill this mission. But sometimes, getting things done can be an unnecessary uphill struggle for hotel staff: paper checklists are confusing, there are many errands to run and countless phone calls to make. Even just coordinating employees can be very time-consuming.


Imagine – Prince Harry & Meghan are checking-in

A royal visit! For your team, expectations have suddenly increased tenfold, everyone is frantically preparing, and the Executive Housekeeper is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. There is so much to organize:

  • Check-in for Prince Harry & Meghan 

  • Preparations for baby Archie

  • Arrange VIP reception 

  • Meghan will be bringing her dogs

  • 10 pieces of luggage per person, 3 per dog

  • The list is endless …


The solution – hotelkit Housekeeping

The ultimate smooth operator is just what you need to complete a mission like the arrival of Prince Harry and Meghan.

That’s how it works

The PMS automatically sends all important guest data, as well as preferences, arrival & departure dates and VIP level, to hotelkit Housekeeping. Baby Archie wears size 23 shoes, Meghan’s dogs will only eat Royal Canin and Prince Harry enjoys a glass of iced Ciroc Ultra-Premium Vodka in the evening. Thanks to seamless communication between the PMS and hotelkit Housekeeping, the housekeeping team is in the loop at all times. They are aware of all guest preferences and receive the royal VIP checklist directly to their smartphone. When baby Archie is sleeping, the room status is set to DND, of course. External cleaning staff, who are sometimes needed when the guests arriving are this special, can be smoothly integrated into the workflow.


Excellent service and happy guests

The room is now cleaned and prepared for the arrival of the royals. The chilled vodka for Harry awaits and Meghan’s dogs will find their favorite chow in their bowls. The current cleaning and room status is sent to the PMS via the 2-way interface. The reception and the entire housekeeping team get to keep an eye on the cleaning progress at all times. In short? Excellent service and happy guests. Mission accomplished!


It’s all possible, with these PMS integrations:

  • Oracle Hospitality Opera & Suite8

  • Apaleo

  • Protel

  • Mews

  • GMS

You can do anything and you can do it all – with hotelkit Housekeeping!

About The Kitty Hotel

hotelkit provides an interactive network for hotel staff. It has become the new, comprehensive industry solution, revolutionizing the way internal communication functions. The young and motivated team behind the product is dedicated to constantly optimizing the hotel operations software and providing excellent customer service to 1500+ clients worldwide.