How Ruby Hotels Dramatically Increased Campaign Conversion Through Multi-Channel Messaging

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Ruby Hotels to verify this case study.
Ruby Hotels has a portfolio of boutique properties throughout Europe and is constantly looking to drive innovation through process improvements. After trying to roll out several guest facing initiatives and noticing low conversion rates over email, the team decided to leverage Bookboost's multi-channel CRM to deliver more personalized messaging to guests across more engaging channels like SMS.
Why it matters: Modern hotel companies are sitting on mounds of customer data that typically go unused. By connecting this data to a multi-channel CRM, hotels gain the ability to create well defined customer journeys that automate manual workflows, deliver more personalized messaging and dramatically bolster engagement and revenue opportunities.
  • Bookboost's Multi-channel CRM enabled Ruby Hotel's to create a value add guest journey with personalized communications that reach guests across a variety of channels including email, SMS, Facebook and WhatsApp to deliver personalized pre, during and post stay communications.

Top 3 Core Objectives: Ruby Hotels set out to more effectively connect with guests and provide a differentiated guest experience by leveraging a multi-channel CRM:
  • Increase Conversion Rates: With emails typically achieving low open rates, they sought out a means to communicate with guests on more engaging channels.

  • Improve Personalization: They wanted to build a more personal and close relationship with the guests, by adding value to the communications.

  • More Effective Data Usage: They aimed to make the best use of their guest data to find new ways of reaching out to their guests with better results.

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Ruby Hotels
Bookboost AB
Tobias Koehler
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Tobias Koehler who verified this case study.

Group Director Systems

Ruby Hotels

"As hoteliers, we need to save that guest's attention for something that counts and matters to them. We are happy with the higher conversion compared to what we had, and we still want to work on improving this success."

Tobias Koehler

Group Director Systems

👍 Group Director Systems Tobias Koehler said that the most critical aspect of adopting Bookboost for Ruby Hotels was that conversion rates increased by delivering more relevant and personalized communications:
  • "As hoteliers, we need to save that guest's attention for something that counts and matters to them. We are happy with the higher conversion compared to what we had, and we still want to work on improving this success."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Tobias Koehler also researched Revinate, and ultimately decided Bookboost AB was the best fit for them.
  • Group Director Systems Tobias Koehler said, about their decision: "We’re an innovator in this stage, and we are looking carefully at how to test and implement innovation through proven use cases. We also look at how we can harness innovation ourselves through process improvement and reviewing leakage in our operations or service delivery."

📈 The results: Since going live with Bookboost, Ruby Hotels has been able to deliver automated personalized messaging that has dramatically improved conversion rates. One of their first initiatives was to incorporate the Green Option – where guests skip a day of room cleaning in return for a cocktail, as the main product to offer via SMS.
  • SMS based offers achieved a staggering 29% conversion rate

  • The SMS based offer generated 5-digit annual savings in cleaning services for a single 200-room property

  • The review at check-out SMS message improved ratings by 8 – 11%, securing an average score of 4.7 compared to 4.4.

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