Yugo optimizes pricing and group occupancy with Cloudbeds

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Yugo to verify this case study.
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Yugo spaces are not your typical accommodation. From gyms and podcast recording stations to rooftop pools and on-site restaurants, the aparthotels boast surprising onsite amenities at lower rates than most hotels. Plus, Yugo spaces are centrally located in top European traveler destinations like the UK, Ireland, and Spain.
Why it matters: Guests staying in Yugo spaces would never guess that during most of the year, the spaces serve as student residences. But far from the traditional shared dorm rooms of college days, Yugo offers private bedrooms and bathrooms along with balconies with beautiful views, modern decor, and luxurious rest spaces like movie lounges, music rooms, and even bowling lanes!
  • Every summer, Yugo spaces undergo a complete transformation into aparthotels within the span of two weeks – including entire building renovations. “We paint, we fix everything, do a complete top-down, sweep every single space, deep clean everything, replace floors, doors, sinks. You name it!” says Daniel Crehan, Yugo Summer Sales Manager. This happens across all cities where Yugo operates (with 4,000 beds located in Dublin alone!) Once the transformation is complete, the Yugo summer team relies on Cloudbeds to run their operation.

Top 3 Core Objectives: Yugo sought a hospitality management platform that was user-friendly and minimized human errors. They needed a system efficient in handling a large number of bookings and capable of real-time price updates to stay competitive. Additionally, they required a platform that was straightforward for training new staff and supportive in increasing direct bookings.
  • Minimize human errors: Yugo aimed to adopt a hospitality management platform that reduced the risk of errors, especially crucial due to the scale of their operations, which included managing 300 to 600 beds per space.

  • Real-time pricing updates: They sought a solution for updating their prices in real-time to maintain market competitiveness. This capability was essential for managing their pricing strategy efficiently.

  • Efficient staff training: They wanted a system that was easy to use for training new staff, ensuring that even seasonal employees could quickly adapt and contribute effectively to the operation.


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Innovators Mentioned

Daniel Crehan
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Daniel Crehan who verified this case study.

Summer Sales Manager


"We were making a lot of human error mistakes... but, you can't do that on Cloudbeds. It saved us a lot of time and resources."

Daniel Crehan

Summer Sales Manager

👍 Summer Sales Manager Daniel Crehan said that Cloudbeds significantly reduced human errors in Yugo's operations, saving time and manpower:
  • "We were making a lot of human error mistakes... but, you can't do that on Cloudbeds. It saved us a lot of time and resources."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Daniel Crehan evaluated Cloudbeds's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Cloudbeds was the best fit solution:
  • Summer Sales Manager Daniel Crehan said, about their decision: "We hire a lot of seasonal staff just for summer. We don’t have much time to train them in advance, and we need a really simple system that they’re able to hit the ground running with. So Cloudbeds was definitely a win for us because we found it’s really easy to pick up. Just check someone in, check someone out. It’s literally that easy."

📈 The results: Yugo experienced a notable enhancement in their business operations by adopting Cloudbeds: they achieved competitive pricing with dynamic rate adjustment tools, saw a significant increase in occupancy due to better group booking management, and reduced operational errors through efficient automation processes.
  • Cloudbeds' pricing tools dynamically adjusted Yugo's rates, ensuring market competitiveness.

  • Yugo saw a significant rise in occupancy, driven by Cloudbeds' improved group booking management.

  • Operational errors at Yugo were substantially reduced through Cloudbeds' streamlined automation processes.

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