Akia Announces New In-Stay Survey Feature

Akia's New In-Stay Surveys


Akia is announcing a new in-stay surveys feature for hotels. Aside from aiming to help properties stay afloat during these difficult times, Akia also wants to help hotels thrive and look forward to long-term improvements, in areas such as service and reputation. With in-stay surveys, hotels can get a sense of how guests feel about their stay while they’re still on the property. Instead of being surprised by negative feedback after guests leave, hotels have the opportunity to improve their service if necessary and address any issues prior to guests leaving.

Properties can customize the questions in the surveys as they see fit, and Akia can automatically send the surveys out at a specific time during a guest’s stay. Properties can also configure Akia to escalate to the appropriate departments and channels when guests respond with a certain number of low ratings. For instance, Akia can immediately notify the General Manager if a guest responds with lower than 4 stars to 1 or more questions in the survey. This automated system enables the staff to quickly and easily pinpoint issues and address guests’ concerns in a timely manner. Akia’s reporting system also provides the necessary tools and insights for management to track performance over time and understand guests better, preventing future issues.

In a world where online reviews can have a significant influence on travelers’ hotel bookings and a one-star increase in ratings can increase a hotel's bottom line by about 11%, hotels need reputation management strategies to drive more bookings and increase their revenue. In-stay surveys allow properties to mitigate any issues while guests are still present, thus keeping guests satisfied and preventing negative online reviews that could affect their reputation down the line. In addition to in-stay surveys, Akia engages with and reminds the guests to leave reviews for your property. Based on the star rating that guests provide to Akia, the A.I. can intelligently filter for quality ratings and reviews to go on review destinations like TripAdvisor while immediately escalating poor ratings and reviews to the appropriate departments.

Akia’s comprehensive reputation management system is designed to help hotels make the most out of their best hospitality practices and prospective guests’ modern decision-making processes, increasing revenue and the bottom line in the process. Akia believes that your property’s excellent service should be widely known, and positive online reviews can be one of your greatest marketing assets.

About Akia

Akia is an artificial-intelligence company that reimagines communications for travelers by allowing them to connect to hotel staff, the concierge, or Akia herself with a simple text. Akia was founded in 2018 by a team of former Facebook engineers with backgrounds in machine learning and consumer messaging.