Automatically Connected: Asksuite Announces New Email Integration

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Asksuite just announced a new omnichannel email integration feature to their existing platform. The upgrade is a big step toward an even smoother experience for hoteliers, who get to manage all channels from a single screen, saving hours of work.

The upgrade also offers a new way to compose emails, giving extra agility to reservation teams with a direct link to the booking engine, real-time quotes, images, and descriptions. And, of course, it is integrated into Asksuite’s platform, enhancing customer service and cementing a unified channel control and management. 

The major benefits and features of Asksuite’s omnichannel email integration include:

  • Clear, centralized, and mapped out email exchange history 

  • No endless open tabs and programs to get work done

  • Response time improved

  • Distribution rules per agent and re-assign

  • Unlimited email templates (the hotel crafts and saves them as needed).

  • Tags let managers assign inquiries to the right agent

The new email integration is part of a broader solution, which already includes Instagram, WhatsApp API, Google Business Messages, Website chatbot, and Facebook—all integrated into Asksuite’s omnichannel overview.

"Integrating emails and all their perks to our omnichannel platform will greatly improve reservation and front desk teams’ work dynamic, since they need agility and precise answers. Everything is connected to the omnichannel view, so possibilities are endless. We are working to bring even more upgrades to our tool. In the meanwhile, we are positive this can empower our clients to transform exchanges into bookings," says Rodrigo Teixeira, CEO at Asksuite.

The feature already tackles hoteliers’ privacy and data protection with the addition of a blocking system where they can manage senders and receivers, avoiding SPAM and overseeing segmented content—inboxes under control.

“The initiative behind this feature comes from a need to centralize all Reservations and Front Desk teams’ communication channels in a single place”, says Vinicius Pavei, CTO at Asksuite. “If a traveler reached out via chat, formalizing the exchange through email will only take a few clicks, and you keep a centralized history of all entries. Plus, the ease to create new email templates and quotes linked to the booking engine is one of its highlights.” 

From Asksuite’s point of view, using several tools and switching tabs to get support work done is a thing of the past. The company has always innovated with solutions that help reservations, revenue, and marketing teams keep threads, chats, and support distribution organized in a single place, with next-level metrics handed out.

The icing on the cake is the possibility of creating multilingual templates and save them. Whether the hotel needs to send out price quotes, cancelations, special deals, greetings, or after-stay receipts, templates can speed up the process and help the brand have a cohesive voice throughout all channels.

About Asksuite

Asksuite is a global leader in omnichannel intelligent communication for hotels and resorts. Its mission is to make reservation, marketing, and revenue teams unstoppable by turning service requests into direct bookings and revenue. Asksuite’s platform provides centralized control of all hotel communication channels with maximum automation. Asksuite has won #1 Best Livechat & Chatbot by HotelTechAwards for the third year in a row, consolidating its position as a worldwide reference for hotel tech solutions.