CartStack’s RezRecover Solution Leverages BEDS© and Conditional Content to Re-Engage Prospective Travelers and Recover Lost Bookings

BEDS© is CartStack’s unique tracking code, which enables hotels to capture and inject abandoned booking data into personalized email reminders

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CartStack the leading eCommerce technology start-up behind RezRecover which has set out to help hospitality and travel companies combat rampant booking abandonment rates, has unveiled its proprietary personalization feature: BEDS©.

Developed specifically for hotels, BEDS© refers to the company’s unique tracking code, which can capture key information from abandoned booking data. Using RezRecover’s booking engine integration records data from visitors’ abandoned bookings, hotels can truly maximize the personalization they offer prospective guests, which helps to improve engagement and recover lost bookings.

Hotels using the RezRecover platform can use the BEDS© feature to display:

  • Abandoned Travel Dates

  • Room Information

  • Property Information

  • Availability

  • Special Offers

  • And any other custom data

Using this data, the RezRecover platform automatically creates Conditional Content blocks that display relevant content based on the abandoned booking data captured for each guest. Current use-cases range anywhere from updating seasonal offers based on the guest's abandoned booking dates, to customizing promotional offers based on length of stay or booking total.This feature is entirely customizable, allowing hotels to choose from RezRecover’s “common conditions” or create their own custom conditions.

“We know that booking abandonment is a huge problem in the hospitality industry,” explains Brett Thoreson, the company’s founder. “To my knowledge, the average abandonment rate of travel sites is at least 81.6%, which is significantly higher than other sectors. Since travelers frequently take their time planning and booking their next vacation, it’s absolutely integral for hotel brands to leverage available tools and technology to re-engage and re-capture prospective guests. With BEDS© and Conditional Content blocks, hotels can seamlessly personalize their email communications with guests, incentivizing them to finalize their booking with relevant information, offers, and reminders.”

With the RezRecover platform, hotels, vacation rentals, and other reservation-based businesses can finally maximize email engagement and discourage abandoned bookings altogether. In fact, research shows that personalized emails recover around 5% more lost bookings, on average.

Currently, the BEDS© feature is only used within email marketing; however, CartStack plans to use BEDS© and Conditional Content with their ‘Intent’ and ‘Welcome’ messages as well. “Personalization is more important than it ever has been, especially within the hospitality industry,” shares Thoreson. “We are incredibly excited to bring our eCommerce expertise to this space and help hotels leverage personalized content to effectively  remarket to highest-intent guests, recover lost bookings, and drive more business.”

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About CartStack

Built for simplicity, RezRecover by CartStack makes it easy for hotels to recapture lost online bookings and drive more direct revenue. The turnkey technology layers seamlessly alongside your existing solutions, inspiring more direct bookings by triggering automated, personalized, and high-converting email messages based on real-time user behavior, like abandoning a reservation. Integration is simple, the results are dramatic, and our support is unmatched. RezRecover is the best-in-class re-marketing service for the global hotel industry that turns lookers into happy bookers. Recapture lost sales, boost the ROI of your marketing engine, and make your guests feel like you truly value their business.