Guestline Provide Interfaces to Ease Hotel Check-In/Out Processes and Deliver a Contact-Free Experience

In light of new Covid-19 restrictions and the need to implement a more contact-free experience with guests, Guestline is delighted to partner with key providers such as ChicoStay, FutureSens, KeezApp and Criton to satisfy new social distancing measures and enhance the guest journey pre-stay, on arrival and on departure so hoteliers across Guestline markets can offer a self-check-in/out experience.


In addition to complimenting Guestline’s existing range of ‘contact-free’ solutions, these interfaces seamlessly integrate with Guestline Rezlynx PMS so guests can start the check-in process safely on their device before arrival and check-out faster and smoothly. The guest details and reservation status is automatically updated in the PMS. This helps streamline and automate processes, ease congestion at the front desk and improve communication to make guests feel confident and safe.

Details of the interfaces are as follows:



KeezApp automates the digital self-check-in/out process between guests and front desk team with a low touch online digital reception solution. Guestline’s 2-way API interface enables KeezApp to automatically send emails to guests to download the App on their devices before arrival so they can self-check-in, use a mobile key and later self-check-out. The reservation status as well as guest email and folio balance is then updated in Guestline PMS.

Rafi Koffler, CEO at KeezApp added, ‘In the new world of Covid-19 with the social distancing requirements, a low-touch solution is a must, and in some hotels, they want to implement a digital reception to deliver operational efficiencies and  cost savings in addition to achieving a new  guest experience.’



ChicoStay delivers mobile check-in and check-out services for hotel guests, covering the entire guest arrival and departure process to minimise queues and physical interaction at reception. Guestline’s 2-way API interface enables hoteliers to automate the process so guests can check-in/out on their own device and then print their room key card off in a terminal at the hotel lobby upon arrival.

Per Hultman, Managing Director at Chico Hotel Solutions AB said, ‘In today’s environment, a completely touchless alternative is important. With our solution, the guest has the choice of getting their room key at our kiosk in reception or using a digital key that we send to their phone before arrival; whichever they feel more comfortable with.'



Guestline’s 2-way API interface with FutureSens kiosks enables hoteliers to fully automate check-in/out process, making it contactless and operational 24/7. Guest are emailed a booking reference and QR code which they scan on the hotel’s kiosk/tablet and start the check-in process: detail confirmation, T&Cs acceptance, room keys card encoded, and payments are taken. When checking-out guests, invoices and payments can be processed.

Paul Brooks, Regional Business Development Director at FutureSens added ‘This is ideal for hoteliers who are considering a mobile pre-arrival workflow and redeploying reception staff to more value-added areas, or wishing to reduce reception headcount and reduce person-to-person contact.” 



Guestline’s two-way interface with Criton enables hotels to improve the guest experience, increase revenue, direct bookings and loyalty with their own custom branded hotel app. The app offers hotels contactless technology services for guests, including the ability to check-in through the app, use a mobile key to access their room and chat with the team when they want. This enables hoteliers to engage with their guests as and when they need to and up-sell their services on the guest’s own phone.

Sara Canatario, Product Marketing Manager at Guestline commented, ‘Hoteliers are facing new challenges and in the advent of more time-poor and digitally savvy guests, these new interfaces will enable hoteliers to reduce the contact points that guests incur at the front desk yet still provide a warm welcome and aid the hoteliers operationally by saving them time and admin.

These smooth self-check-in and out processes (that guests can do autonomously and at their leisure) heightens guest engagement and communication through digital means and enhances the overall guest experience.’

We believe that technology works best when it works together so we would love to hear from new technology providers which feel that Guestline hoteliers would benefit from an integration with Guestline’s products. 

For more information on all of Guestline’s PMS integration partners please click here.

In addition to these third party apps, Guestline has launched a Digital Registration solution, GuestStay, where a digital registration form is sent to the guest ahead of arrival to review their reservation, fill out all their details, and sign the T&Cs to simplify the check-in experience and ease congestion at the front desk. More information can be found on the Guestline website.



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