Leading Hotel Guest Messaging Platform, Whistle, Releases WhatsApp Integration, Artificial Intelligence, and Upselling Ahead of HFTP HITEC Minneapolis 2019


Whistle is the leading Guest Messaging Platform in the hospitality industry, powering real-time guest communication via SMS, Mobile Messaging Applications, Email, and Website Live Chat. Now, the company has added three new modules to its offerings: an integration with WhatsApp, Artificial Intelligence, and the ability to drive and capture revenue through Upselling.

WhatsApp - With over 1.5 billion active users in over 180 countries, WhatsApp is one of the most important messaging applications available on the market today. By harnessing this integration, Whistle is able to give hoteliers an even wider ability to access their guests. A two-way integration allows hotel guests who prefer WhatsApp to communicate directly with their hotel!

Artificial Intelligence - Whistle's very own, in-house conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) model now has predictions in the 80%+ range across the board, in every category. With Whistle's new AI / ML introductions, the application now understands guests' questions and requests. With this knowledge, Whistle can suggest or automatically prompt the appropriate response back to the guest, and even auto-prompt service requests and work orders to internal departments.

Upselling - Whistle's platform now helps hotels capitalize on Conversational Commerce, driving revenue through POS integrations. Guests can now request and purchase items, adding the charges to their room, directly through messaging. Hotels are driving ancillary revenue, much to the delight of their guests.

"Our hoteliers are increasingly gaining back control of their own guests," says Whistle CEO, Christopher Hovanessian. "We are able to provide the necessary tools to boost the entire guest experience from booking to departure, along with a dramatic business improvement for hotels. Hotels using Whistle will continue to have the upper-hand, as we explore new offerings to continuously deliver this advantage."