How a Four Property Hotel Group in went from Manual Excel Sheets to an Automated Revenue Management System

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Grand Hotel ter Duin to verify this case study.
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Set in beautiful Zeeland on the Netherlands’ west coast, the Grand Hotel ter Duin offers 133 modern, light-flooded rooms. Guests can enjoy the wellness facilities, including a sauna, steam bath and swimming pool or head out and explore the beautiful surroundings. Grand Hotel ter Duin is part of the hotel chain Hotels by Sheetz which consists of 4 hotel properties in The Netherlands, all of them using Atomize Revenue Management System.
Why it matters: Finding the right hotel technology like the most suitable Revenue Management System for your property can make the difference between achieving your business goals or not. Think of a revenue management system. By accessing the most recent market data and offering data-driven pricing suggestions, a revenue management system allows you to maximize your revenue all year-round. That all sounds great, doesn’t it? But are you wondering how well this works in practice? Then read on to find out how Jelle Landman at Grand Hotel ter Duin shares his experience of using Atomize Revenue Management System.
  • Jelle Landman, the General Manager at Grand Hotel ter Duin in the Netherlands, shares his experience of using Atomize and gives us insights into how Atomize boosted their occupancy and RevPAR.

Top 3 Core Objectives: Modernizing the way the team at Grand Hotel ter Duin managed their prices and rate adjustments and not having to rely on outdated reports.
  • Moving away from Excel: Going from Excel sheets to a modern approach using an automatic revenue management system. Following a traditional approach to revenue management which included a lot of cumbersome Excel spreadsheets, used to cost Jelle a lot of time every day. Instead using a Revenue Management System would save a lot of time and also gives Jelle a competitive edge giving him access to live market information at the click of a button.

  • Improving forecast accuracy: Having an accurate forecast is important to both predict your hotel’s performance and for operational departments to plan ahead. With a powerful cloud-based Revenue Management System you can save yourself a lot of time on updating the forecast every month. You will also get more accurate results as the algorithm takes the most current information into account when updating your hotel’s forecast for the next twelve months.

  • Improve occupancy and RevPAR: Implementing a modern RMS like Atomize would be one of the key factors for a successful hotel business.


Atomize is a lean Revenue Management Software built for hoteliers that want to generate revenue and do more with less.

Innovators Mentioned

Jelle Landmann
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Jelle Landmann who verified this case study.

General Manager

Grand Hotel ter Duin

"“Atomize RMS helps us automate our revenue management tactics and saves us hours of work, every day.”"

Jelle Landmann

General Manager

👍 General Manager Jelle Landmann said that Saves a lot of time by removing the task of manual price setting:
  • "“Atomize RMS helps us automate our revenue management tactics and saves us hours of work, every day.”"

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Jelle Landmann evaluated Atomize's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Atomize was the best fit solution:
  • General Manager Jelle Landmann said, about their decision: "“If you are doing all the updates yourself and you use Excel, for example, you focus more on the next three months than on the full year. For me, Atomize is a tool that helps me create a better look into the future.”"

📈 The results: Since Atomize was implemented at the Grand Hotel ter Duin, the results have been impressive both in terms of revenue increase and time saved.
  • Since implementing Atomize the occupancy doubled and RevPAR has been growing significantly over time.

  • Atomize RMS have helped automate the revenue management tactics and saved the mangement team at Grand Hotel ter Duin hours of work, every day.

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