How To Successfully Manage 20 Properties Per Revenue Manager With The Use Of Atomize

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at CIC Hospitality to verify this case study.
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CIC Hospitality is a fast-growing hotel operator focusing on best-in-class cost management and innovative solutions that operates 20+ properties in Scandiavia with another 7 properties in the pipeline. In their portfolio, they operate multiple properties within well-known brands such as Thon Hotels and Best Western. CIC was started by four colleagues/friends with a hotel background who wanted to challenge the hotel industry with an innovative/technological hotel concept focused on the environment and, not least, to create workplaces where employees thrive and have fun. The owners of CIC decided early on to focus on a win/win approach in negotiations and cooperation with others.
Why it matters: One of their main success factors is enabling higher automation and customer centricity to drive improved satisfaction. The company’s vision is to care, inspire and create experiences.
  • Atomize is a lean revenue management system that enables hoteliers to spend less time on manually setting prices for rooms and instead focus more on the strategic revenue management. With real-time price optimization it is possible to take advantage of even the slightest changes in the market or your internal (PMS) data to maximize your property’s revenue. By automatically retrieving and analyzing internal and external data, Atomize’s RMS updates a hotel’s room rates in real-time.

Top 3 Core Objectives: Their main objectives were to decrease manual labour, remove human preferences and get a better multi-property overview to measure performance and KPIs.
  • Decrease manual tasks: Back in time, price setting ate up most of the time since it was a manual, daily process to collect, analyze and adjust prices. As their portfolio grew, the need for a more sophisticated and automated way of setting prices increased.

  • Implement a multi-property overview: It was difficult to get a good overview of the pricing as there was no easy way to summarise the performance and KPI:s for all of their properties.

  • Remove human preferences: Atomize is not steered by feelings, it’s completely data-driven, and because of that it can optimize prices to its full potential without human assumptions or preferences around historic pricing which usually limits revenue managers.


Atomize is a lean Revenue Management Software built for hoteliers that want to generate revenue and do more with less.

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CIC Hospitality
Eric Bergsten
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Eric Bergsten who verified this case study.

Senior Revenue Manager

CIC Hospitality

"Atomize has generated fantastic results for us. All of our properties run on full-price automation which means we save vast amounts of time; a working day per week, in other words, 30+ hours per month."

Eric Bergsten

Senior Revenue Manager

👍 Senior Revenue Manager Eric Bergsten said that 30+ working hours saved per month.:
  • "Atomize has generated fantastic results for us. All of our properties run on full-price automation which means we save vast amounts of time; a working day per week, in other words, 30+ hours per month."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Eric Bergsten evaluated Atomize's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Atomize was the best fit solution:
  • Senior Revenue Manager Eric Bergsten said, about their decision: "Atomize is a powerful solution combining artificial intelligence, pricing mechanisms, and real-time price optimization that has greatly benefited our hotels and supported our growth. We highly appreciate Atomize responsiveness, every problem that has occurred has been handled very professionally and with an immediate response. Atomize is also open to doing modifications specifically according to our requests and that is the way we wish to work and grow with our partners."

📈 The results: The use of Atomize has enabled CIC to focus much more on the strategic part of revenue management for example identifying new base load contracts for their hotels. Letting Atomize manage their pricing has also resulted in that they can spend more time on forecasting and budgeting, to be able to plan their resources as effectively as possible for their properties.
  • Saved the team at CIC 30+ working hours per month.

  • Increased their RevPar between 10-20% for every property.

  • Increased their RevPar with an average of 13% for their whole portfolio.

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