How The Mandolay Hotel Modernized It Operations & Guest Experience With Canary

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at The Mandolay Hotel to verify this case study.
The Mandolay Hotel in Guildford, UK, has used Canary's Contactless Check-In, Checkout and Upsells solutions to improve the guest experience, increase upsell revenue and reduce labor costs.
Why it matters: The Mandolay’s Managing Director, Matthew Milliken, decided the time was right to make big technology upgrades that would align the hotel's guest experience more closely with modern expectations. And he decided Canary was the ideal guest management platform to use.
  • Consumers today expect outstanding digital experiences as a regular part of their interactions with hotels throughout the entire guest journey.

Top 3 Core Objectives: By modernizing the hotel's tech stack with Canary, Milliken hoped to increase revenue, streamline guest arrivals and reduce labor costs.
  • Increase Revenue: For a long time, Milliken had encouraged front desk agents to push upsell offers upon check-in. However, results were spotty. With Canary's Upsell solution, the GM wished to fix this.

  • Streamline Guest Arrivals: Milliken was very keen to improve the guest experience by using a Contactless Check-In solution to allow guests to deal with administrative tasks before they arrive.

  • Reduce Labor Costs: By using Canary's Contactless Check-In and Checkout solutions, Milliken hoped to make staff more efficient and save on labor costs.

Canary Technologies

Improve the guest experience, increase revenue and streamline operations with Contactless Check-In™ from Canary, the world's most popular self-service check-in solution.

Innovators Mentioned

The Mandolay Hotel
Canary Technologies
Matthew Milliken
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Matthew Milliken who verified this case study.

Managing Director

The Mandolay Hotel

""I've cut the wage. I'm so glad we're relying on Canary for operational areas of our business and, on top of that, we're driving about £2,000 per month in upsell revenue.""

Matthew Milliken

Managing Director

👍 Managing Director Matthew Milliken said that Canary has increased staff efficiency and revenue at The Mandolay:
  • ""I've cut the wage. I'm so glad we're relying on Canary for operational areas of our business and, on top of that, we're driving about £2,000 per month in upsell revenue.""

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Matthew Milliken also researched Duve, and ultimately decided Canary Technologies was the best fit for them.
  • Managing Director Matthew Milliken said, about their decision: ""We selected Canary due to their sterling reputation in the industry and the platform's ease of use.""

📈 The results: Milliken is very happy with the impact the Canary platform has had on The Mandolay's bottom line and guest experience.
  • The Mandolay went from virtually no upsell revenue to around £2,000 per month using Canary's Upsells solution.

  • Milliken was able to cut his wage bill in half thanks to the staff efficiency gains he achieved through Canary.

  • Guests now receive a modern, outstanding digital experience throughout their guest journey from Canary.

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