How Hotel At Six Used Digital Upselling to Multiply Incremental Revenue

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Hotel At Six to verify this case study.
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Hotel At Six in Stockholm adopted Oaky in the midst of the pandemic. Within a few months, they were earning over 11x the cost of the tool in monthly revenue.
Why it matters: Before using Oaky, they relied on their own website and front desk upselling to present add-on services and items to guests, with limited reach and flexibility – something that became more difficult during the pandemic.
  • Once Hotel At Six had the Oaky platform up and running, the At Six team immediately started seeing the benefits of an automated upselling tool.

Top 3 Core Objectives: Hotel At Six tackled universal challenges including incremental revenue generation and personalised service.
  • Increase windows of upselling: “Before we began using Oaky, our reception team would highlight some of our ancillary services to guests upon arrival. But there’s only so much time and opportunity to offer add-ons during check-in.”

  • Save time: Removing the age-old issue of upselling the right offer, to the right guest at the right time allowed front desk staff to focus on guest satisfaction.

  • Providing a personalised experience: “The main struggle we had before Oaky was offering add-on services to guests in a way that would be easy for them to book. It was difficult to customise the guest experience and personalise a guest’s


The Perfect Upsell Every Time

Innovators Mentioned

Hotel At Six
Diana Zambrano
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Diana Zambrano who verified this case study.

Guest Relations and Service Manager

Hotel At Six

"With Oaky, guests can clearly see what extra services or products we have to offer. By looking through all our services they can choose to add things they did not even know they wanted."

Diana Zambrano

Guest Relations and Service Manager

👍 Guest Relations and Service Manager Diana Zambrano said that They recognise the success of their upselling as stemming from the variety of add-ons that are possible to show and the ability to allow guests to independently select their deals.:
  • "With Oaky, guests can clearly see what extra services or products we have to offer. By looking through all our services they can choose to add things they did not even know they wanted."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Diana Zambrano evaluated Oaky's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Oaky was the best fit solution:
  • Guest Relations and Service Manager Diana Zambrano said, about their decision: "Because of in-depth segmentation options that Oaky provides us with, we offer the right service and room upgrade to the right guest for the right price, which leads to more overall revenue and REVPAR."

📈 The results: Oaky made life easier for both guests and the hotel team by using automation to broaden upselling reach, showcase a greater variety of deals, using every bit of the hotel to generate revenue and making it easier for guests to add deals to their stay.
  • Average Monthly revenue from Oaky: 32226 SEK

  • Average TRevPAR uplift per night from Oaky: 3.1 SEK

  • Best performing month, Oaky revenue per booking: 70.8 SEK

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