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Hiperpersonaliza la experiencia de tus huéspedes a través de la TV en tu hotel

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About eRoom Cast
Founded in 1991 | Headquarters in Spain | 8 employees
Con eRoom Cast tus huéspedes podrán disfrutar sus contenidos en la TV de tu hotel, mientras conoces sus gustos para ofrecerles los productos o servicios que necesitan en el momento más oportuno de su estancia. Impulsa los productos y servicios de terceros directamente en las TVs del hotel. Desde el módulo admin, programa las publicidades, segmenta los públicos y elige los horarios de transmisión deseados gracias a su integración nativa con eRoom CRM. Crea experiencias hiperpersonalizadas para tus huéspedes e incrementa las ventas cross-selling y upselling de tu hotel Ofrece una experiencia hiperpersonalizada cumpliendo con la GDPR y protegiendo sus datos en todo momento.



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Branding & Customization

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Messaging & Communication

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4/5 features

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We are a technology firm that promises to increase your communication, guest experience and staff accountability for the hospitality industry.

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  • Spain
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    South America

Awesome customer service from the very beginning, Marta and all the team solved all my questions.

Hotel Manager from 25-49 room Luxury Hotel in Barcelona (Spain)

2 years ago
The customer experience, upgrades the hotel level. How the Tv looks when it turns on. The ease to pair devices.
Country Spain
Hotel Manager
Medium Hotel

A software that helped us to know the preferences of our guests using the hotel Wi-Fi

CBO from 200 to 499 room Branded Hotel in (Venezuela)

2 years ago
With the implementation of eRoom Hotspot we are taking advantage of 100% of the Wi-Fi network of our hotel. We can share our terms and conditions with the guest when accessing our network and we can know their route and places of greatest frequency with the Heatmap tool. In this way we can know when to send personalized advertising to your...
Country Venezuela
X-Large Hotel

Excellent solution for our apartments

manager from 10 to 24 room Extended Stay & Serviced Apartment in Barcelona (Spain)

2 years ago
The convenience for the guest and the ease of using the entire application in complete safety. Advertising module that allows us to reach the client in a more personal and precise way. Ease of installation and ease of integration with our management systems
Country Spain
Small Hotel

A smart and beneficial investment for our hotel

from 10 to 24 room Extended Stay & Serviced Apartment in Barcelona (Spain)

2 years ago
eRoom Cast has been one of the smartest and most beneficial investments we have made to improve our guest experience. We have loved how intuitive the application is and how easy it is to implement, it has also allowed us to learn much more about our customers and promote promotions and services within the hotel
Country Spain
Small Hotel
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