Akia launches Device Hub

Remotely generate and automate door code distribution

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Akia launches their device hub that automates door code generation and distribution, ensuring top-notch security and operational efficiency for properties of any size. Managing security for dozens of properties can be a challenging and inefficient task for property managers. Akia’s new Device Hub addresses these challenges by enabling automated and remote management of door access codes.

Key Product Features: 

  1. Automated door code generation and distribution:  Automatically generate unique codes for each guest expiring upon checkout to ensure no code is reused from past guests. Seamlessly integrate with a Property Management System (PMS) to manage and update access codes from anywhere, at any time. 

  2. Seamless digital check-ins: Combine digital check-in with automated door code delivery. Guests receive their door codes directly on their mobile phones at check-in after they have completed their ID verification.

  3. Enhanced security protocols: Track and monitor access to each property in real-time, allowing for quick identification and resolution of any unusual activity. See which doors are currently locked and unlocked. 

  4. Increase upsells with early check-in and late checkout: Dynamically generates code extensions for early check-ins and late checkouts to maximize upsells. Create a mini app of a rental agreement offering early check-in, and a checkout form that offers late checkout. When a guest purchases the upsells, access is automatically extended. 

  5. Centralized platform: Manage check-ins, guest messaging, and key codes in one place. Akia integrates with smart lock systems such as August, Schlage, Yale, SmartThings, Nuki, TTLock, Kwikset, Igloo Home, and Wyze locks, Akia allows property managers to control all aspects of guest access from a single platform, making it easier to handle multiple properties and monitor access.

Implementing Akia’s automated door code system ensures guests feel safe and provides a seamless check-in experience, leading to higher guest satisfaction and better reviews. 


About Akia

Founded in 2018, Akia is the guest engagement platform that automates relaxing vacations. The platform provides messaging, mobile check-in, digital surveys, F&B menus, arrival guides, and much more through Mini Apps: a personalized mobile experience that doesn’t require developers or downloads. Because Akia’s technology streamlines the experience for both travelers and the businesses that serve them, their mission is to help the world relax.