Amadeus Elevates Hotel Operational Standards with Launch of New HotSOS Housekeeping

Innovations to the service optimization solution enable hotels to heighten operational excellence while prioritizing profitability

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In an era defined by heightened guest expectations and evolving market dynamics, hotels face a dual challenge of delivering unparalleled service while ensuring sustainable profitability.

As a global leader in hospitality technology, Amadeus is responding to the needs of hoteliers with the new HotSOS Housekeeping. The cutting-edge operations and housekeeping software intelligently leverage automation to drive the productivity needed to succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

Building on decades of expertise and functionality, HotSOS Housekeeping has been enhanced to further streamline operations and amplify both the guest and staff experience. Boasting a new modern interface and intuitive user experience, the solution offers insights for efficient decision-making in real time. This empowers teams to access relevant data and communication updates instantly, eliminating delays for operational teams that are constantly on the go.

Key benefits include:


  • New web-based platform for a more intuitive user-friendly experience with regular product enhancements seamlessly deployed 

  • Seamless integration between HotSOS and HotSOS Housekeeping, combining the functionality of our industry-leading platforms with the ease of one login.

  • Foster real-time collaboration across departments with two-way messaging between desktop and HotSOS Mobile users

  • Optimize room cleans with improved search filtering and easy access to information for accurate decision-making

  • Easy room assignment options and tracking by credits, minutes, and surface areas to meet local labor regulations

  • Translations in several languages, facilitating seamless communication and coordination among multilingual teams

  • Enhanced real-time data to assist in guest personalization, operational excellence, and service integrity

“At Amadeus, we understand the delicate balance between delivering elevated service and maximizing profitability," said Michael Broderick, VP, Service Optimization, Hospitality, Amadeus. "With HotSOS Housekeeping, teams are empowered to work smarter, not harder, by increasing productivity to nurture a culture of operational excellence. Guests can in turn feel genuinely welcomed and valued throughout their stay, all while bolstering the hotel’s financial success.”

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