Foxhills Club & Resort Elevates Guest Experience with Installation of Crave Interactive Tablets in All Rooms

Innovative Technology Enhances Guest Convenience with One-Touch Dialling and Mobile Ordering for Outdoor Spaces

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Foxhills Club & Resort is proud to announce the installation of Crave Interactive’s state-of-the-art tablets in all guest rooms, further enhancing the luxurious guest experience the resort is known for. These tablets feature one-touch dialling to contact hotel departments and mobile ordering capabilities for outdoor spaces, including the pool area.

The implementation of Crave Interactive’s tablets underscores Foxhills Club & Resort’s commitment to providing top-tier service and modern conveniences for its guests. With these new tablets, guests can effortlessly connect with various hotel departments, order services, and enjoy a seamless and personalised stay.

“We are thrilled to introduce Crave Interactive’s innovative tablets across all our guest rooms," said Mark Thewlis, Hotel Manager at Foxhills. "These tablets will significantly enhance our guests' experience by offering easy access to hotel services and amenities, as well as giving us the opportunity to showcase everything they can do during their stay. The one-touch dialling feature and mobile ordering for outdoor areas will provide our guests with the convenience and luxury they deserve."

Key Features of Crave Interactive Tablets at Foxhills:

  • One-Touch Dialling: Guests can easily contact room service, housekeeping, the concierge, and other hotel departments with a single tap, ensuring quick and convenient service.

  • Mobile Ordering for Outdoor Spaces: Guests can order food and beverages from their tablets while enjoying the resort’s beautiful outdoor spaces, including the pool area, without leaving their loungers.

  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive design of the tablets makes it easy for guests of all ages to navigate and access the wide range of services offered by the resort.

  • Comprehensive Information: The tablets provide guests with detailed information about resort amenities, local attractions, and special promotions, enhancing their overall stay.

  • Enhanced Guest Satisfaction: By streamlining communication and service requests, the tablets ensure a more enjoyable and hassle-free experience for guests.

  • Data-Driven Guest Engagement: Utilizing insights from over a billion guest interactions annually, Crave T3 tablets leverage data to understand guest preferences and deliver personal service, enhancing the overall guest experience and improving service delivery through actionable data insights.

About Crave Interactive

About Foxhills Country Club & Resort:

Foxhills Club & Resort is an award-winning hotel and country club in Surrey. A renowned luxury resort offering exceptional service and amenities in a historic and picturesque setting. Known for its commitment to guest satisfaction, Foxhills continually seeks to innovate and improve the guest experience through the integration of modern technology and personalised service.

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About Crave Interactive:

Crave Interactive is a global provider of cutting-edge guest-facing technology solutions for the hospitality industry. Specialising in data-driven guest engagement, enhancing the guest experience, and optimizing operational efficiency, Crave’s products include in-room tablets, digital directories, and interactive services that seamlessly connect guests to hotel amenities and local attractions. Crave AI underscores the company’s dedication to harnessing technology to provide engaging and seamless guest experiences while creating additional revenue opportunities.