Goki Celebrates Remarkable Milestone: 20 Million Unlocks on Its Platform

Revolutionary smart access provider, Goki, surpasses a significant milestone with its innovative technology transforming the hospitality industry across 25 countries


Goki, a leading provider of smart access solutions for the hospitality sector, is thrilled to announce a significant achievement: over 20 million unlocks have been recorded on its platform since May 2020. This impressive number demonstrates the rapid adoption and success of Goki's cutting-edge technology, which is revolutionising the way hotels and resorts in more than 25 countries manage access control.

With a current rate of almost 2 million unlocks per month and growing, Goki's innovative solutions have been implemented in numerous hotels and resorts worldwide, including Capsule Hotel, Spicers, Ostello Bello, Weekender Hotels, St Christopher Inns, Wotels, and Musa Largo di Como, among other leading hospitality brands. The increasing demand for contactless, eco-friendly, and convenient alternatives has made Goki's solutions the go-to choice for modern access control.

Dylan, Chief Commercial Officer of Goki, said, "We are incredibly proud of reaching this remarkable milestone. It demonstrates the trust our customers place in our solutions and our commitment to continuously improving the guest experience. We are grateful for the support we've received from our clients and partners, and we look forward to reaching even greater heights in the future."

Jack, CEO and Founder of Goki, added, "This achievement is a testament to our team's hard work and dedication to innovation. It's fantastic to see our vision come to life, making stays better for the hospitality industry across the globe."

Reza, CTO of Goki, also commented, "Surpassing 20 million unlocks on our platform is a clear indicator of the effectiveness and reliability of our technology. As we continue to develop and refine our solutions, we remain committed to providing our clients with best-in-class, secure, and eco-friendly access control systems."

Goki's unique approach, which includes the complete removal of plastic key cards from hotel operations, has resulted in over 60% adoption of SmartKeys (mobile keys) by guests. This high adoption rate can be attributed to Goki's use of 4-digit DoorCodes (pins) as a backup or redundancy, rather than relying on outdated keycard technology.

As Goki continues to grow and expand its offerings, the company remains steadfast in its mission to revolutionise the way hotels and resorts operate, optimising guest satisfaction and operational efficiency through innovative access solutions in over 25 countries.


Goki, based in Sydney, is a hospitality access provider specialising in industry-leading hardware and software solutions, such as the SmartLock Pro, a hotel lock with built-in WiFi, mobile, and pin access capabilities. Goki's cutting-edge products are designed to eliminate 100% of plastic key cards, offering secure and eco-friendly access solutions for hotels and resorts worldwide.