Why Guestline is Trusted by 80% of Best Western GB Members

Guestline catches up with Rob Paterson, CEO at Best Western GB


Best Western is known for its consistent, quality service around the world – from its economy establishments to its luxury hotels. Guestline, Best Western GB’s biggest PMS supplier in the UK, serving over 80% of its properties, recently caught up with Rob Paterson, CEO at Best Western GB to get his thoughts on what makes a good technology provider and how the partnership has flourished.


Supporting Best Western brands

For over 30 years, Best Western has been building its presence and growing 17 brands across the UK and beyond. And growth is still in the works. What Best Western needs to support this growth and improve the customer experience across its hotels and brands is a reliable property management system and supporting tech platform.


Easy-to-use systems

Rob Paterson, chief executive officer at Best Western GB, cites the ongoing, knowledgeable support as one of the reasons the brand chooses Guestline. Paterson says: “Our hoteliers are passionate independent hoteliers, and what they really value is the personal experience, the responsiveness.

“I think with some PMS vendors you can feel like a number. You can go in a queue and you might not hear a response for three weeks, three months. I think that’s why they select a product like Guestline. It’s very much a product where, if they pick up the phone, they know that they’re going to get hold of somebody and they know the product is reliable.”


Seamless integration

As well as these benefits, integration is seamless, with Guestline’s software integrating with Best Western’s central reservation system to create an automated, two-way interface which saves hoteliers lots of time and admin.

Paterson added: “I have worked with a number of PMSs throughout my career and when you start to stack them up alongside each other and do a simple, objective ‘this is what I’m looking for’, Guestline ticks so many boxes. It’s a reliable, good value PMS, and that responsiveness, integrated side of things is really, really important.”


Time saving technology

Ensuring the technology supplier fits the hotel’s needs is vital to keep a hotel running smoothly. Consistency of tech and platforms is vital, too.

“We’d be kidding ourselves if we didn’t think technology was vital in today’s marketplace,” says Jim Muir, head of marketing at Best Western. “From as simple as optimising the website, making sure we drive as many visitors in to book us through our website, to looking at more niche bits of technology such as Upsell Guru, which has an integration with Guestline, through to the ramp platform that we’re developing for our members.

“Anything that can give [hoteliers] more time to spend dealing with the guests and giving them a brilliant experience has got to be a benefit for the individual hotel and the brand as a whole.”


About Guestline

Established over 28 years ago, Guestline provides innovative property management, guest engagement and distribution software to the hospitality industry. Founded on cloud technology, Guestline's revenue generating solutions enable independents of all sizes and small hotel groups to achieve maximum occupancy at the most profitable rate.
The range of solutions include Guestline PMS, CRS, C&B, Channel Manager, EPoS, IBE and GuestPay.