HiJiffy Unveils New Brand Identity Reflecting the Most Advanced Conversational AI for Hotels

Innovative positioning dares hoteliers to “Reimagine Guest Communications”

Company logo

HiJiffy, the AI-powered Guest Communications Hub specialised for hotels, unveils its new brand positioning and visual identity, reflecting the company’s mission of developing the most advanced conversational AI for hospitality.

The reinvented logo represents the platform’s capability of providing instant answers across the whole guest journey and is accompanied by a tech-driven colour palette adopted to highlight HiJiffy’s innovative DNA.

Echoing the brand’s aspiration of seeking the perfect connection between hotels and their guests, HiJiffy’s new tagline dares hoteliers to “Reimagine Guest Communications.”


Marking the beginning of a new era for the company, the visual identity and brand guidelines, developed internally by HiJiffy’s marketing team, replace the original ones, unchanged since HiJiffy’s foundation back in 2016.

“This refresh was inevitable to take HiJiffy to the next level. Combining our innovative core with premium branding, we will be able to differentiate ourselves even more, an essential factor to ensure that we continue to achieve annual growth levels above 100%, ” Tiago Araújo, HiJiffy’s CEO.

Currently working with more than 1,800 hotels in over 50 countries, HiJiffy's solutions empower hoteliers to increase their revenues with direct bookings and upselling while automating numerous repetitive tasks, reducing operating costs and addressing staff shortages. 

Its cutting-edge technology earned the company several awards, including the UNWTO recognition as one of the most innovative companies in Tourism.


Pioneer in Voice Assistants and GPT-4 in Hospitality

HiJiffy launched the first voice assistant specialised in Hospitality in December 2022.

Representing a new paradigm in guest communications by being able to handle complex voice interactions, the multilingual virtual assistant uses complete sentences and provides instantaneous voice responses that mimic a human-like interaction.

More recently, in March 2023, HiJiffy launched the first hotel chatbot powered by GPT-4, which uses the power of Generative Artificial Intelligence to handle guest inquiries and requests with unrivalled accuracy and automation.

“In this regard, it’s important to point out that we do not intend to eliminate the human role in hospitality, but rather to channel it towards activities that really generate added value,” clarifies the CEO.



In the pre-stay phase, HiJiffy's AI ensures instant responses to different guests' questions with automation rates above 85% in more than 130 languages and on different hotel communication channels - from the webchat on the website to Facebook or WhatsApp, from Instagram to Google My Business.

The solution allows guests to book in a simple, quick and 100% digital way wherever they are, 24/7, without the need for human interaction and with full integration with hotel management systems.



During the stay, in addition to facilitating the digitisation of processes such as check-in or check-out, HiJiffy's solution allows guests to obtain instant answers about the operation of the hotel – e.g., breakfast time or how the access to the parking works - or to request in a simple and contactless way any type of service that the hotel offers: reserving a restaurant table or a spa treatment.

Furthermore, it also automates Room Service, as well as other types of requests related to maintenance, such as cleaning a room, requesting towels, or repairing the AC.

In addition to upselling campaigns, using HiJiffy’s solution, hotels can also share satisfaction surveys and develop campaigns to promote reviews in an automated way.

About HiJiffy

HiJiffy's solution allows hoteliers to increase their revenue from direct bookings and upselling while automating numerous repetitive tasks with a low added value, reducing operating costs and addressing staff shortages.