HotelRunner and trivago Joined Forces to Amplify the Global Exposure of Accommodation Businesses

HotelRunner, a leading hospitality technology provider, has announced a strategic partnership with trivago, the renowned metasearch platform. This partnership marks a significant leap toward redefining the way properties elevate their visibility and revenue streams.

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The HotelRunner and trivago partnership reflects the convergence of cutting-edge technology and market-leading expertise. This alliance empowers accommodation properties to gain a competitive edge, harnessing trivago's extensive user base and HotelRunner's innovative end-to-end platform to grow their businesses like never before.

The partnership ushers in a multitude of benefits for all stakeholders involved. For trivago, this collaboration means tapping into HotelRunner's extensive network of 60,000+ properties, enhancing their reach and network. HotelRunner, in turn, strengthens its commitment to providing top-notch services to its properties by extending its metasearch offerings, providing seamless connectivity. This enhancement gives properties an invaluable opportunity to amplify their visibility, bookings, and revenue growth. The partnership's value echoes across the industry, demonstrating the strength of partnership and innovation in driving collective success.

Rıza Kaynak, Director of Demand at HotelRunner, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: "This joint effort is transformative in every sense. Our alignment with trivago brings an unparalleled opportunity for users to seamlessly list their properties via HotelRunner within minutes, gaining access to trivago's massive user base. The integration stands out in the competition in so many ways but especially with its invoicing model. HotelRunner is among the selected partners that now offer a net CPA model, a step toward a holistic approach, accounting for cancellations and amendments, and truly embodying Cost-per-Stay where hoteliers will only pay for realized bookings. This isn't just a partnership; it's a statement of innovation and empowerment."

“I’m pleased to share news of our collaboration with HotelRunner and excited about the potential of this partnership,” said Jessica Beger-Neth, Head of Technical Partnerships at trivago. “Through this collaboration, HotelRunner enables its hotel clients to seamlessly showcase their direct website rates on trivago, ultimately leading to an increase in direct bookings. This partnership marks an exciting step forward, and we’re eagerly anticipating the positive results it will yield.”

This partnership resonates not only with accommodation properties but also sends ripples across the tech sphere. As a company that drives sustainable growth for its partners and shapes the trajectory of the industry with its end-to-end technology platform, HotelRunner's influence extends beyond partnership dynamics, sending a clear message to the travel tech industry about the innovation and dynamism they bring to the table.

With this partnership, HotelRunner and trivago set out to elevate the hospitality landscape to new heights. Those who want to list their property on trivago via HotelRunner can get detailed information and pre-register by clicking here. 

About HotelRunner

HotelRunner is a data-driven SaaS-enabled unified sales, operations, and distribution management platform and B2B network for accommodations, travel agencies, and payment providers. HotelRunner has thousands of accommodation and travel agency partners globally. HotelRunner is a Premier Connectivity Partner and Best Overall Performing Partner, Expedia Elite Connectivity Partner, Airbnb Software Partner, Agoda Innovative Supplier, Oracle, Hotelbeds, and Google Hotel Ads strategic partner.