HotelRunner Selected as "Best Overall Performing Provider" by

HotelRunner awarded Best Overall Performing Provider, a very prestigious award within the scope of's Connectivity Partner Achievement Awards 2020


The leading sales channel management platform and B2B network for the travel industry, HotelRunner has been awarded Best Overall Performing Provider by, one of the world's leading digital travel companies, a very prestigious award within's 2020 Connectivity Partner Achievement Awards 2020. 

HotelRunner has long collaborated closely with to increase the revenue of its property partners through digitalization. The partnership has seen HotelRunner crowned Premier Connectivity Partner for three consecutive years since its inception including 2021, Preferred IT Partner for four years before that, Top Connectivity Performer in 2018, and Connectivity Advisory Board Member for more than two years.

Despite the many pandemic-related challenges facing the hospitality and tourism industries over the last year, HotelRunner has continued to achieve extraordinary success with, offering operational, technological, financial, and educational support to ensure their accommodation partners remained connected, continued to develop their businesses, and invested in the future of their properties.

HotelRunner exceeded every performance benchmark set, including quality of service delivered, agile support provided, increase in bookings via, and the technology infrastructure required to integrate APIs successfully in 2020.

Eddy Veldhuizen, Director Connectivity Partnerships at, said "The partnership programme is the foundation of how we want to collaborate with providers and what we expect them to deliver. The partnership programme has three levels, and we are delighted that HotelRunner has been at the highest level (the Premier partnership) for many years. This means that both and our accommodation partners are working with the best of the best. This year, more than ever, we value the dedication and hard work of HotelRunner and are glad they are committed to growing together."

Riza Kaynak, Director of Demand Partnerships at HotelRunner, said "Our long-standing partnership with and the dedicated and hard work of both companies, especially during the pandemic, are very valuable to us. As HotelRunner, we are thrilled and proud to receive the Best Overall Performing Provider title within the scope of Connectivity Partner Achievement Awards 2020. With the common goal of maximizing the performance of our properties on, we ensure that all necessary technology is developed, integrated with our platform, and made available affordably, and we increase the bookings and revenues of our properties by initiating the creation of new business and integration models. As we did during the pandemic, we will continue to work shoulder to shoulder for the success of our joint properties in the future. We look forward to making a difference in the travel technology industry and reaching outstanding achievements together with in 2021."

Aiming to bring together the right property with the right guest audience in the right market and increase the revenues of the accommodation properties on its platform exponentially with every innovation it undertakes, HotelRunner continues to lead the industry thanks to its successful strategic partnership with As a result, they serve as the pioneers of the industry in terms of connectivity experience, powerful technology, and innovation.

HotelRunner, which has more than 41,000 accommodation partners from 193 countries of all types and sizes including boutique hotels, chain and resort hotels, bed and breakfasts, bungalows, and villas, will continue to increase the revenues and performances of its joint properties and the newly acquired ones. The company will cooperate closely with to make sure the accommodations get the most out of this partnership in the upcoming period.

Hosting more than 50 million transactions a day, offering an end-to-end platform to the entire world with dozens of different products and services, and working to offer new markets to both property and agency partners with strategic partnerships, HotelRunner will continue to lead the industry globally with innovative products and features and new acquisitions, which will be announced in the upcoming period.


HotelRunner is a distribution platform and B2B network for accommodations and travel agencies to find, contract, connect and transact with each other online. HotelRunner has more than 41,000 accommodation partners and over 150 travel agency partners from 193 countries. HotelRunner is a Premier Connectivity Partner, Expedia Elite Partner, Airbnb Software Partner, Agoda Innovative Supplier, Oracle Gold, Hotelbeds and Google Hotel Ads Partner.