Impulsify and CLEAR Join Forces to Provide Friction-Free Age Verified Alcohol Sales at Self-Service Kiosks

Enhancing Convenience: Impulsify and CLEAR Revolutionize Age-Verified Alcohol Sales at Self-Service Kiosks

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Impulsify, Inc, a leading provider of self-service kiosk solutions to the hospitality and multifamily industries, is excited to announce a partnership with CLEAR, the secure identity company, to bring age-verified alcohol sales to self-service grab-and-go kiosks. Impulsify has embedded Powered by CLEAR age verification technology to enable consumers to seamlessly and securely affirm their age with CLEAR – for free – instead of by manually presenting an ID to a staff member. This collaboration aims to enhance guest convenience while ensuring compliance with age-restricted product regulations wherever beer, wine, or spirits are sold.

After scanning a QR code on Impulsify’s grab-and-go kiosk, new users will be prompted to verify their age with CLEAR using their government-issued ID and a selfie. Returning CLEAR users will simply be prompted to snap a selfie to verify their identity.

The integration will mitigate the potential for fraud and human error associated with traditional forms of identity verification, increase operational efficiencies for Impulsify’s hospitality and multifamily customers, and offer a friction-free shopping experience for consumers who can now conveniently purchase age-restricted products without the need for manual intervention.

"This collaboration aligns perfectly with our commitment to innovate and solve the retail challenges hoteliers and property managers encounter when adding high quality grab-and-go offerings to their lobbies and common areas. This partnership is a huge first step in solving the ongoing dilemmas Hotel Technology and F&B Executives face when it comes to offering unattended alcohol in their markets,” said Janine Williams, CEO of Impulsify.

Williams added, "By integrating CLEAR's advanced identity verification platform into our guest-facing kiosks with a simple QR scan, we are empowering our clients to safely, securely obtain age verification [for free] with an industry leading solution that US consumers know and trust. We are thrilled to join forces with CLEAR and look forward to revolutionizing the self-service kiosk industry together."

"CLEAR is excited to collaborate with Impulsify and deliver a friction-free experience to their retailers and customers,” said EVP, Powered by CLEAR, Jon Feldman. “Our secure and trusted technology eliminates the burden of manual I.D. checks on staff, delivers a best-in-class customer experience, and empowers retailers to offer self-serve grab-and-go alcohol products with confidence.”

As the grab-and-go market landscape continues to evolve across multiple commercial real estate industries, self-service kiosks have become an integral part of capturing a larger percentage of sales, reducing labor burdens, and enhancing the guest experience. By teaming up with CLEAR, Impulsify is taking a significant step forward in revolutionizing their ShopPoP: Self Service Kiosk capabilities to include the sale of age-restricted products, particularly alcohol, without impacting associates and adding labor burdens.

Hotels and other commercial real estate properties interested in incorporating Impulsify’s age-verified alcohol sales product in their self-service markets can contact Impulsify, Inc for more information about the integrated solution and its implementation.

Powered by CLEAR enables frictionless confirmation of your identity and credentials to make everyday experiences safer and easier – transforming the way people live, work, and travel. Whether CLEAR’s 16 million members are networking online, visiting a doctor, checking into a hotel, renting a car, or cheering on their favorite sports team, they can frictionlessly affirm their identity with CLEAR — for free — wherever life takes them. New users can simply enroll once to verify anywhere in our Powered by CLEAR network.

The program officially launched in 5 markets this week.



CLEAR's mission is to create frictionless experiences. With more than 16 million members and a growing network of partners across the world, CLEAR's identity platform is transforming the way people live, work, and travel. Whether you are traveling, at the stadium, or on your phone, CLEAR connects you to the things that make you, you – making everyday experiences easier, more secure, and friction-free. CLEAR is committed to privacy done right. Members are always in control of their own information, and we never sell member data.

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