Ireckonu Unveils Updated Brand Identity, Elevating Hospitality Tech Landscape

Ireckonu's Enhanced Look Reflects Commitment to Simplifying Hospitality Tech and Fulfilling the Mission of Being the World's Most Trustworthy CDP

Company logo

Ireckonu, a leader in hospitality technology, is thrilled to unveil its refreshed brand identity, epitomizing a commitment to excellence and simplicity in hospitality solutions.

Ireckonu’s revamped logo, drawing inspiration from modern design principles, symbolizes the brand as the single source of truth – consolidating and centralizing data from connected systems, offering a unified, data-driven approach to hospitality success and unparalleled clarity for decision-making excellence.

The rebrand is a testament to Ireckonu's mission to simplify complex tech landscapes, integrations, and data, making them accessible and powerful for hotels globally. This evolution cements Ireckonu as a beacon of innovation in the hospitality tech landscape.

Essential products of the brand:

CORE Middleware:

Ireckonu's Middleware excels at cleaning, consolidating, and centralizing data, serving as the vital bridge between on-premises and above-property systems. It ensures seamless integration, data accuracy, and real-time issue management.


Ireckonu’s CDP empowers hotels to access guest data from all integrated systems, offering a precise view of guest preferences and behaviors. With machine learning, it enhances guest data, removes duplicate profiles, and creates a reliable backbone for all your marketing endeavors, delivering tailored and unforgettable experiences.

AI & ML-Driven Features:

Amplify capabilities with Ireckonu's extensive suite of features, including Loyalty RFM+ calculations, Messaging, Churn Management, Next Best Offer, and more – all built upon its Middleware and CDP.

About Ireckonu

Founded in 2014, Ireckonu is a leading Dutch company revolutionizing the hospitality industry through innovative digital solutions. With a global team of over 60 professionals, Ireckonu specializes in cutting-edge Software as a Service (SaaS) products and services. Seamlessly integrating Middleware expertise with a state-of-the-art Customer Data Platform, Ireckonu empowers hotels with a unified, data-driven approach, trusted by renowned brands such as Okura, CitizenM, Hard Rock Hotels, and more. Ireckonu stands at the forefront of shaping the future of hospitality.