Katerina City Hotel Moscow Grows and Innovates With HKeeper

Being GM is not for weak of heart. It was exhausting even to write about it...

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The Challenge

While Julia worked as a General Manager for a long period of time, she started her day dealing with customer’s issues and holding meetings with heads of departments. The space in between was filled with responding to voicemails, keeping on top of the news, reading and writing emails, and reviewing reports. 

Spending too much time in the office with paperwork, Julia realized that she’s losing track of what is happening in the "front of the house." 

“It was hard to react to each force major in the hotel when you at a business meeting or when you’re not in the office, and there are no needed reports at your fingertips”, — said Julia. 

Thus, she has to spend a lot of time on paperwork and always keeps abreast of what is happening at the workplace 24/7 to manage the staff and the hotel effectively.

The Solution

Things changed when Julia was hired as a GM in Katerina City Hotel Moscow. At that moment, the hotel set a new element of digital technologies into the hotel’s workflow — HKeeper software. 

Using HKeeper once was enough to realize how important is that for GM to be tech-savvy to manage staff and hotel effectively. 

”After a long time, I finally met a perfect tool for business and work. Implementing the software alleviated unnecessary frustration and saved countless hours and dollars by acting as a central repository that made it quick and easy to create, manage, and distribute any tasks among all departments. It simplified the management of our resources to maximize its values” — Julia said. 

It might be a cliché, but technology does make all of our lives easier. The HKeeper was set up by hoteliers to manage and control all tasks in any department in real-time via smartphones. This enables a GM to organize a daily workflow and eventually to save time, resources, and money for the hotel. Besides, the software has unique features for every department to simplify communications and create their custom inspections with full reporting and tracking. 

The Result

After implementing HKeeper, the GM got a chance to spend working hours more efficiently, which led to long-term savings, increased guest satisfaction, and, subsequently, the hotel improved overall results for the property.

“Since we started to use HKeeper, we have seen significant benefits both internally and how service is provided to guests. HKeeper has saved a lot of time for me on administrative and preventative work organization while giving an opportunity to analyze the workflow and see negative patterns immediately and simplify everyday routines. By shifting workflow to a digital format, HKeeper gave me not the only transparency and real-time communication, but also a complete overview of everything that is going on at the property when I’m not there. Most importantly, HKeeper allowed us to reduce expenses by 30%, and it also prevents me from overstocking the warehouses as I could see the daily, weekly, and monthly inventory consumption.” 

— Julia Rozhkova, General Manager, Katerina City Hotel Moscow. 


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