Lake District Hotels Group Adopt Guestline’s New Digital Registration Process – GuestStay

Lake District Hotels Ltd. today announced the implementation of ‘GuestStay - Digital Guest Registration’ in conjunction with Guestline, the hospitality software provider that has supported the group of 6 hotels for over 15 years.


With the aim of engaging guests prior to arrival, the new digital registration aims to reduce lengthy reception queues by allowing guests to check-in from the comfort of their own home all whilst complying with GDPR in a more secure way. It also saves the guest time when they arrive at the hotel so they can proceed up to their bedroom as soon as possible.

Dani Hope, Lake District Hotels marketing director, commented: “A ‘new normal’ after lockdown has meant looking at different ways to improve our guest experience to essentially keep guests and staff safe. In the last 12 weeks, we have noticed a rapid change in our guests’ adaptability to new technology which had previously been quite slow, with more people making restaurant bookings online, using QR codes to view menus and generally a better open rate in our emails too where people are showing extra concern and interest about their upcoming stay.

Prior to lockdown, like many other hotels, we were printing guest registration cards on a daily basis so we have now cut out that process saving staff time as well as printing and paper costs. Most importantly, we have been trying to create a relaxed but Covid-safe environment for our guests when they check-in by reducing the time they spend at check-in. It gives our welcome host a better opportunity to introduce guests to the hotel including our new Covid-safe procedures rather than discussing the administration of registration cards and what their car registration is.”

James Cannon, Sales and Marketing Director at Guestline, added: “We’re delighted that the Lake District Hotels group have adopted our GuestStay solution which will enable them to provide their guests with a warm welcome without the distractions! The “check-in” experience is the guest’s first physical interaction with a property, yet often the busiest and most complex for a hotel. This presents a challenge and under the new circumstances, hoteliers will need new processes like GuestStay to streamline the check-in process, drive operational efficiencies and ensure compliance.

GuestStay was developed to offer a low touch guest service which also enables the hotels to improve their planning, reallocate resources on reception and reduce admin. This is being welcomed by both guests and hoteliers alike who are enjoying the enhanced efficiencies whilst still providing a hospitable and engaging welcome!”


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