OKURA NIKKO HOTEL MANAGEMENT Partners with IRECKONU to Implement a Global Digital Guest Experience Strategy

The Luxury Hotel Management group adopts Ireckonu’s entire product suite to drive customer engagement in over 70 hotels worldwide.

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Ireckonu, the industry leader in Hospitality Middleware, CDP and digital guest relationship systems integration, today announced its partnership with Okura Nikko Hotel Management Co., Ltd (ONHM).   Ireckonu will work with the Tokyo based luxury hotel firm to centralize all guest data among their entire property portfolio to create an accessible and actionable Customer Data Platform (CDP).   The firm manages three hotel groups; Okura Hotels & Resort, Nikko Hotels International, and Hotel JAL City and will deploy Ireckonu’s CORE Middleware to integrate PMS, CRS, and several other IT systems and data to create a Central Data Management Platform to effectively steer all hotel and guest data with IKnowU the hotel industries premier CDP.  

ONHM to take a fresh approach to their guest intimacy strategy by leveraging profiles and data in ways that will generate a more meaningful relationship between their hotels and valued guests. 

“After a thorough investigation of available solutions, we have determined that Ireckonu would be our strategic technology partner for our CDP project as they possess a credible track record of success with a strong focus on the hospitality sector and combines it with the functionality of a CDP to offer an efficient and proven solution specific to our industry. We favored their ability to connect and consolidate various information scattered across different systems within the company, providing a unique solution that is not commonly seen. We are confident that our chain will continue to grow as a hotel operator with Ireckonu through the delivery of "Omotenashi", our distinct art of hospitality beyond service and effective marketing.”                                         

-          Kikuhiko Okura, Okura Nikko Hotel Management President & CEO


To provide the ONHM with a new digital foundation that will enable specific guest engagement innovations, Ireckonu will deploy their keystone products, CORE Middleware for platform agnostic systems integration, and IKnowU to consolidate all guest related information in a central System of Record (SoR). This will give ONHM a huge advantage over Hotel Groups that rely on siloed systems as Ireckonu works with them to unlock the full potential of their guest data and collects, cleans, and activates that data to power a range of features including:


·       Guest Segmentation to create targeted lists based on aggregated transactional and profile data.

·       RFM + and Loyalty calculation engine assigns values to guest profiles based on Recency, Frequency, Monetary, Duration, and Diversity to create up-sell opportunities. 

"It is an honor and makes us extremely proud to partner with ONHM.  This most prestigious portfolio joins other global industry leading companies who are dedicated to being guest centric and do so by enabling solid technology architecture and data stream from multiple sources. This approach is the basis of their business processes and guest life cycle engagement."

               -            Jan Jaap van Roon, Ireckonu Founder & CEO


About Okura Nikko Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

Okura Nikko Hotel Management Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hotel Okura Co., Ltd., operate 79 properties (53 in Japan and 26 overseas) under three hotel groups : Okura Hotels & Resorts, Nikko Hotels International and Hotel JAL City.

Hotel Okura Co., Ltd., founded in 1958 and headquartered in Tokyo, opened its flagship hotel, Hotel Okura Tokyo (now The Okura Tokyo), in 1962. The company, with “Best A.C.S. – Best Accommodation, Best Cuisine and Best Service,” managed Okura Hotels & Resorts. When JAL International sold 79.6 percent of JAL Hotels Co., Ltd. to Hotel Okura Co., Ltd. in 2010, JAL Hotels became a consolidated subsidiary of Hotel Okura Co., Ltd.

Integrating the Hotel Okura’s philosophy of “O-mo-te-na-shi” (Japanese hospitality) that has long captivated the world, with the global hotel operator expertise of JAL Hotels, the company has been trying and will establish a solid position as a global hotel operator with a Japanese tradition. For more information, please visit www.okura-nikko.com









About Ireckonu

Founded in 2014, Ireckonu is a Dutch company committed to empowering the hospitality industry by putting guests at the center of new digital foundations. With over 60 employees globally, the company provides SaaS products and services to some of the world's leading hotel brands.