Openfit and Volo Join Forces

Partnership Brings a Game-Changing Amenity to the Hospitality Industry

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Openfit, a fitness, nutrition and wellness application, and Volo Hospitality Systems, an in-room tablet company, are pleased to announce the partnership of their two platforms which will bring on-demand workouts and streaming instructor-led exercise classes to facilities using the Volo in-room concierge tablets.  Guests of these properties will benefit from complimentary on-demand and live classes viewed on an Apple iPad in the privacy of their rooms with no time constraints or the need to access a gym or fitness equipment.

“Fitness and wellness has become a top priority for travelers, with studies showing that 48% of guests rank a property’s wellness options as ‘very important,’" says Volo Managing Director, Benjamin Londa. "With hotels adapting to the new normal, the option of an in-room fitness amenity could very well become a necessity. Our partnership with Openfit allows our clients to instantly take advantage of this growing trend, and deliver free classes - with or without equipment - straight to their guests, without any need to visit the onsite fitness center.”

With an average of 400 live trainer-led weekly classes ranging from 5 to 40 minutes and 175 unique on-demand workouts to choose from, exercise is accessible 24 hours a day and convenient for today's busy consumer who doesn't want travel to disrupt their lifestyle routines. Moreover, classes facilitated via Volo's in-room tablet offer privacy for a guest who may not feel comfortable visiting a hotel gym or using equipment they may not be familiar with. “While there will always be a place in the market for both in-person and digital fitness options, the current environment has accelerated adoption of virtual fitness offerings,” says Amy Bridgeo, Openfit’s Executive Director of Partnerships. “In-room fitness is a great solution for the current circumstances and a convenient and effective amenity for the long term. We are excited to partner with Volo to deliver our results-driven workouts and live interactive classes to anyone looking for a virtual fitness solution from the comfort of their own room.”

Properties that offer Openfit classes via Volo gain the ability to offer their guests the amenity of a Certified Trainer and a wide variety of classes such as cardio, strength, barre, and yoga without the expense of hiring extra staff or maintaining large fitness areas.  With Volo's easy to navigate system and Openfit's user-friendly platform, guests enjoy an efficient workout while leaving the hotel staff to serve in other areas.


About Volo

Volo is an in-room tablet solution that gives your guests interactive, touchscreen access to all of your hotel amenities. Volo proves to be a profit center, not a cost, by driving revenue through up-sells and cross-sells of food, beverage, and amenities; real-time service recovery and improved reputation management; cost savings from staff efficiency and reduced printing; push notifications for promotions or direct bookings.