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ProfitSword to Release Major Enhancements to Award-Winning Business Intelligence Technology Platform at HITEC Orlando 2022

Hospitality’s leading business intelligence innovator to unveil enhanced user experience and security updates, along with document management and workflows for night auditors.

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ProfitSword, a premier developer of advanced business intelligence and data integration software for the hospitality industry featuring 235+ integrations, is set to demonstrate major upgrades to its award-winning platform at HITEC 2022 in Orlando. The latest release includes a newly enhanced user interface featuring more versatile dashboards and functionality, as well as security enhancements that enable multi-factor authentication. The team will also be demonstrating its streamlined Document Management and Workflows for night auditors. These combined feature upgrades are designed to provide hoteliers with even more robust, secure and easy-to-use tools for effectively minimizing costs and optimizing property performance.

At the HITEC Expo hall on June 28-30 at the Orlando Convention Center, ProfitSword representatives will be available at booth #739 to demonstrate the new platform enhancements, as well as sharing the latest advances in business intelligence that have been proven to lead to more efficient, adaptive and competitive hotel operations, regardless of external market performance indicators.

The new ProfitSword user experience being introduced at HITEC includes improved navigation and ease-of-use with browser-back functionality and more versatile dashboards, as well as powerful new filtering options that add the ability to sort ascending or descending data on each column, hide or show, and adjust column widths directly within the platform.These advanced filtering options will allow users to create custom views on the fly such as a grouping of their ‘top 10’ or ‘bottom 10’ performers and to create customized comparisons for internal benchmark reporting without having to export their data to create adhoc reports.

In addition to the improved user interface, ProfitSword has also implemented advanced security features, including the ability to employ multi-factor authentication (2FA/MFA). Featuring cloud-first, server-less architecture to simplify hosting, improve security/scalability and reduce risks to common vulnerabilities such as zero-day exploits or ransomware attacks, the platform leverages Microsoft Azure world-class security and infrastructure to further protect against attempted exploits and attacks. With these new security protocols now in place, ProfitSword’s world-class resources alleviate the need to host your own hardware, software, and data, to manage access through firewalls or other technology, and to maintain internal controls, while reducing risk and improving scalability.

ProfitSword will also be demonstrating a new Document Management and Workflows function that give night auditors the ability to streamline the approval process, ensuring that all backup documentation is available in one central place for approval and auditing purposes. Users gain the ability to simply load files, submit them for approval and retrieve them at a later date. Approvers can either reject the file with a comment or instantly approve the night audit packet, saving valuable time and resources. This also allows internal auditing teams to search for and view all documentation online at any time.

“All the new enhancements to the ProfitSword platform are the result of listening to the needs of our hotel customers around the world, who are adjusting to rapidly evolving business environments on a daily basis,” said Paul Bennie, VP of Sales at ProfitSword. “These latest innovations in business intelligence technology provide a powerful set of tools that can boost both property and portfolio-wide communication, visibility and accountability in real-time and deliver accurate insight into an organization’s evolving business needs and priorities. By minimizing the risk of human error in manual data management and eliminating countless hours of staff time with resulting revenue loss, ProfitSword provides vital insights into how hoteliers can adopt an alternative approach that will give them complete confidence in their budgeting, planning and reporting capabilities."

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