IDeaS and protel go Hand-in-Hand Like Profitability and Efficiency as an Impressive 100-Integrations Milestone is Achieved

Two industry behemoths make property and revenue management seem as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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protel is proud to announce another milestone amongst its ranks. IDeaS, the world's leading provider of revenue management software and services, clenches the trophy for 100 integrations to protel hotels around the world, via the protel Marketplace.

protel and IDeaS are pioneers and global technology powerhouses. protel is a hotel technology solution that provides hotels with everything they need to run the day to day operation of a hotel including PMS, contactless technologies, and integrations. IDeaS offer industry-leading revenue management solutions for businesses of all types and sizes in the global hospitality and travel industries. IDeaS' vision is to transform a world of data into a world of intelligent decisions and over the years they have not only said it, but they have also lived it. "IDeaS and protel celebrating 100 integrations via the Marketplace really shouts out to the hospitality industry that they are a partnership providing unquestionable value", says Joseph Martino, Senior Vice President & Chief Business Development Officer, from IDeaS.

The advantages that are gained when partnering with two well-established companies like protel and IDeaS are extensive, below are some highlights:

  • Investing in technology that has a proven track record and that seamlessly integrates leads to less uncertainty, no concern for compatibility issues, and results in little or no downtime

  • This partnership milestone provides peace of mind for all members of the hospitality industry looking to invest in technology that will improve total revenue performance

  • This multifaceted technology combination simplifies property and revenue management. Creating a guest-focused, profitable, and service-oriented environment

  • The simple integration process via protel Marketplace takes all the technical headache away, allowing speedy access for over 14,000 properties running on protel

protel and IDeaS have collectively assisted over 28 000 hospitality centered companies worldwide to manage their properties and drive up their profitability. With their combined experience of 56 years, if there is a problem to be solved, they will have a solution.

Using longstanding technology companies with a great relationship and years of experience in their prospective fields leads to hotels that are more efficient and make more money. If that sounds interesting, reach out and find out what it is like to work with true professionals in a meaningful symbiosis.

See the IDeaS solution on the protel Marketplace now.

About IDeaS Revenue Management Solutions

IDeaS, a SAS company, is the world's leading provider of revenue management software and services. With over 30 years of expertise, IDeaS delivers revenue science to more than 14,000 clients in 140 countries. Combining industry knowledge with innovative, data-analytics technology, IDeaS creates sophisticated yet simple ways to empower revenue leaders with precise, automated decisions they can trust. Results delivered. Revenue transformed.

About protel

protel solutions form a robust technology stack for all hotel business types, with a worldwide team of local partners to support it. The ground-breaking app store, accessible directly via the protel PMS, has rapidly changed the way hotels and their technology vendors do business.

Formed 25 years ago in Dortmund, Germany, shaped by one of the most dynamic overseas investment markets in the world, the beating heart of this modern software company serves only hospitality.

The first cloud-native PMS and apps went live in 2009, and two consecutive Olympic villages - "the largest hotels on Earth" - were built on protel. Operations expanded internationally to over 90 countries, leading to branch offices in Dubai, Vienna, and Atlanta. Currently, more than 14,000 hotels worldwide choose to power their business with protel.