RezRecover by CartStack Solves $10B Problem for Hotels, Resorts: Booking Abandonment

Leveraging great success in the eCommerce space, CartStack enters the hospitality industry in full force to offer best in class booking recovery solution RezRecover

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Hospitality and travel companies across the globe are wrestling with the multibillion-dollar issue of booking abandonment, also called reservation abandonment. Founded in 2013, the leading eCommerce sales recovery platform, CartStack, has developed RezRecover to solve this costly problem for operators of hotels, resorts, and multi-property groups.

The travel industry has seen a notoriously high rate of shopping cart abandonment. Data from a hospitality report estimates a massive $10B in lost revenue over the course of a full year. RezRecover is a cloud-based remarketing solution that combines personalized recovery campaigns with on-site retargeting tools to help hoteliers capture lost revenue opportunities from website visitors who did not make it through the entire booking process. The highly effective and turnkey tool can be implemented within minutes and requires no maintenance – delivering true ‘set it and forget it’ peace of mind.

Data from RezRecover hotel clients finds some dramatic results:

•  55% average open rate for recovery emails

•  30% increase In average order values for recovered bookings

•  $40: 1 average ROI for Hotels

Easily integrated with existing booking engines, RezRecover begins working immediately to track website visitor data in real-time. Customizable multichannel campaigns are triggered based on behavior, delivering the optimal combination of intent-driven emails, SMS text message reminders, and web push notifications to reengage lookers and turn them into delighted bookers.

RezRecover benefits:

•  Targets remarketing to highest-intent guests directly

•  Delivers quick upsells and cross-selling

•  Supports emails with gentle SMS text reminders

•  Encourages brand engagement and makes guests feel valued

•  Overcomes the challenges associated with GDPR compliance, open rates, bounces, or spam filters

•  Captures contact data for use in future marketing campaigns

•  Protects the top-of-funnel marketing investment.

• Complements existing hotel systems, including CRM, PMS, and booking engines

“Building on CartStack’s proven success in the eCommerce space, we designed RezRecover specifically tailored for the unique needs of the hospitality market,” explains Brett Thoreson, the company’s founder. “We have one mission and focus; to be the industry’s best in class booking recovery solution for hotels, not just an add-on product bundled within another system. By leveraging the traces of data left behind along the customer’s browsing journey, we can deliver the right message, at the right time, on the right channel, and in the right context. This is what inspires a more personalized experience and ultimately drives more direct bookings.”

To discover why the world’s leading hotels trust RezRecover to help them make lost bookings a thing of the past and start your free trial, visit CartStack.


About CartStack

Built for simplicity, RezRecover by CartStack makes it easy for hotels to recapture lost online bookings and drive more direct revenue. The turnkey technology layers seamlessly alongside your existing solutions, inspiring more direct bookings by triggering automated, personalized, and high-converting email messages based on real-time user behavior, like abandoning a reservation. Integration is simple, the results are dramatic, and our support is unmatched. RezRecover is the best-in-class re-marketing service for the global hotel industry that turns lookers into happy bookers. Recapture lost sales, boost the ROI of your marketing engine, and make your guests feel like you truly value their business.