RoomStay Announces Integration with RMS Cloud to Enhance Booking Experience

Advancing the Digital Booking Landscape Through Integration

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RoomStay, a leader in hotel booking solutions, announced an integration with RMS Cloud, a trusted all-in-one cloud software serving more than 7,000 properties across 70 countries. The integration enables customers of RMS Cloud to leverage RoomStay's advanced hotel booking engine platform, bringing together the best of both worlds.

RoomStay's direct booking platform is designed to optimise direct bookings and increase hotel customer conversion rates.  With a focus on providing a seamless checkout experience where customers never leave the hotel website domain, RoomStay's solution has been instrumental in enhancing conversion rates in the hotel industry through various tools such as recent searches, member-only deals and cross-selling techniques.

“At RoomStay, we've always been about refining and elevating the booking experience. By integrating with RMS Cloud, we're taking a major step forward. It brings together our strengths in enhancing direct hotel bookings with the vast and trusted infrastructure of the RMS Cloud software. This isn't just an integration; it's a commitment to hoteliers and travellers alike, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and improved booking journey. I believe it signifies a brighter future for hotel bookings on a global scale.”

- Declan Mimnagh, CEO of RoomStay.

RMS Cloud's reputation as a trusted provider of scalable cloud technology makes it an ideal partner for RoomStay. The integration with RMS Cloud will allow RoomStay to extend its reach and offer its solution to a larger network of properties, furthering its mission to revolutionise the booking experiences of hotels globally.

“The integration of RMS Cloud with RoomStay marks a significant step forward and a solid strategic alliance to deliver better results for our growing network of customers. By harnessing the power of RoomStay's direct booking technology, combined with RMS Cloud's intuitive PMS, we are setting new standards in the industry. Our partnership with RoomStay aligns perfectly with our shared commitment to redefining online booking technology worldwide.”

- Stephen Martin, Chief Sales Officer, RMS Cloud


About RMS Cloud

RMS Cloud delivers scalable, trusted cloud technology used by more than 7,000 properties across 70 countries to manage, operate and grow the hospitality industry. With over 40 years as an innovative market leader, RMS has unparalleled expertise and insight on booking engines, check-in and check-out experiences, channel managers, and front desk management.

About RoomStay

RoomStay is a leading hotel booking engine provider, focussed on maximising direct bookings and enhancing hotel conversion rates. Our deep understanding of the hospitality industry has informed the design of our platform, allowing us to address the unique challenges hotels face in the digital realm. With RoomStay, hotels can effortlessly craft an intuitive booking experience that captivates guests, all without leaving the hotel's own website. This emphasis on a seamless user journey leads to higher conversion rates and, subsequently, increased revenue. As more guests turn to online bookings, RoomStay offers hotels the ideal tools to stay competitive, ensuring they capture every potential booking with ease.