Selfbook and The Guestbook Team Up to Combine Cash Rewards With Seamless Hotel Bookings

Integrated directly within Selfbook’s checkout flow, The Guestbook’s cash rewards drive additional direct conversions and revenue.

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Selfbook, the technology company revolutionizing direct bookings and payments for hotels, has come together with cash rewards program The Guestbook to make booking directly on hotel websites a smoother and more unified process for guests. By embedding The Guestbook’s easily redeemable cash rewards directly within Selfbook’s conversion-boosting checkout flow, the two hospitality platforms are combining their value propositions to convert users and as a result, drive direct revenue for their hotels.

With its streamlined booking and payment experience, Selfbook increases conversion and revenue for hotels. By supporting digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay and including add-on services and upsells directly within the booking flow, Selfbook further incentivizes guests to book on the hotel website and lifts average order value per stay.

The Guestbook’s customized cash rewards program enables hotels to further increase direct bookings by attracting, converting, and retaining guests. With two million Guestbook members showing strong interest in cash rewards programs, The Guestbook leverages the power of a cash-back program with conversion technology that seamlessly integrates with all major booking engines and allows for rewards messaging beginning with search results, all the way through to a completed direct booking and beyond.

A free integration as part of Selfbook’s unified booking flow, The Guestbook’s customized financial incentives are a strategic addition to any hotel’s checkout experience. Driving not only the initial booking, the three reward options were also created with long-term retention in mind: Guests have the option to choose between a 5% cash back reward, earning 5% cash for their favorite charity, or receiving 15% cash forward to put toward a future stay. Once the rate has been selected, users can seamlessly join The Guestbook for free on the Selfbook checkout screen to benefit from the rewards.

Both platforms have helped hundreds of hotel partners see exceptional results. Selfbook drives conversion lifts of 21% and 30% on desktop and mobile respectively for hotels, and The Guestbook is responsible for a 30% average conversion increase and an 8x - 12x revenue to cost multiple. Combined within one simplified booking flow, both platforms’ value propositions are set to help even more properties drive direct business on their own websites.

“We are committed to enriching the travel experience for guests, and an efficient and rewarding booking process on the hotel's direct channel is a win for the guest and the bottom line,” says James Gancos, CEO at The Guestbook. “This seamless integration with Selfbook is a great opportunity for hoteliers to increase net revenue and an important next step in the evolution of the travel ecosystem.”

“The integration with The Guestbook is an obvious fit with Selfbook,” says Gautier Colin, VP, Partnerships at Selfbook. “Our hotels have already seen great conversion increases, and now, with The Guestbook, these results will only continue to soar with more incentives for guests to book direct.”



Uniquely positioned at the intersection of fintech and hospitality, Selfbook revolutionizes hotel bookings and payments from the inside out. Working in tandem with hotels’ existing technology systems, Selfbook enhances what matters most to hotels, including direct conversion, revenue, cash flow control, and security. Built by a team of hospitality veterans, Selfbook’s products provide a refreshingly effortless user experience for guests and hoteliers alike. Selfbook is committed to empowering hotels worldwide with modern e-commerce solutions tailor-made for our industry.


About The Guestbook

The Guestbook partners with independent and boutique brand hotels to increase net revenue and drive direct bookings through the power of cash back rewards. Over two million guests worldwide have joined The Guestbook cash back rewards program to enjoy the freedom of three redemption options. Guests may choose 5% Cash Back, 5% Cash for a Cause, or 15% Cash Forward towards a future stay at one of The Guestbook’s partner hotels. With over 800 distinctive hotels in 70 countries, The Guestbook was founded on the belief that a direct relationship between hoteliers and their guests is more rewarding for everyone.

The Guestbook stands for innovation that enhances hospitality, solutions that drive success, and the power of personal relationships.