Selfbook Partners with Amadeus’ iHotelier®

Selfbook, the fast growing fintech company that is empowering hotels with streamlined bookings and payments orchestration, has officially partnered with the industry’s leading central reservations system, Amadeus’ iHotelier

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The iHotelier CRS automates distribution and data insights across channels for hotels, connecting hundreds of distribution channels and a wide variety booking partners – now including Selfbook. Known for its modern booking technology with secure support for digital wallets and one-step payments, Selfbook is a next-gen direct booking solution bringing the simplicity of e-commerce transactions and merchandising capabilities to hotels.

iHotelier capabilities include enabling hotels to manage availability, rates, and inventory management (ARI)  and distribution channels in a centralized location to more efficiently manage data and insights. In one dashboard, hotels using iHotelier can configure their rates and promotions across distribution channels, access custom analytics, and reduce team workloads for hotel teams with ease.

Selfbook Direct is a front-end booking and payment product designed to simplify guests’ online journey from start to finish. By streamlining hotel bookings, including date, room and rate selection, as well as add-ons and upgrades, all in one simple platform, Direct enables guests to instantly book their stay and pay with the digital wallet or credit card of their choice with zero redirects.

With a mutual dedication to driving bookings on hotels’ own websites to boost direct revenue, Selfbook and iHotelier are natural integration partners. Together, the two hospitality platforms will be able to broaden the reach and impact of their offerings, enabling more hotels worldwide to elevate the booking and payment experiences they offer in a simplified way, complete with a guest-first mobile experience.

The first hotel to go live as part of this partnership is The Twenty Two, a luxury boutique property located in the heart of London’s Grosvenor Square.

“As partners, Selfbook and Amadeus will be well-equipped to drive direct revenue and conversions for the world’s most remarkable hotels by ensuring truly personalized and guest-friendly digital experiences for all,” said Khalid Meniri, Co-Founder and CEO of Selfbook.

“We’re pleased to add Selfbook to our growing partner ecosystem,” added Javier Campo, Vice President, Hospitality Partnerships, Amadeus. “This new integration with iHotelier will enhance the platform and provide hoteliers additional options for their booking and payment capabilities.”


About Amadeus iHotelier

Amadeus’ market-leading iHotelier Reservations and Booking Engine solutions deliver unmatched flexibility and scale of distribution for independent hoteliers and mid-scale chains. Create new demand and increase revenue with our powerful iHotelier Central Reservations System by automating distribution across web, mobile, voice, travel agent, OTA, and metasearch channels. Leverage our Booking Engine’s data-driven design to engage more users and remove barriers to conversion. Centralize management of ARI to decrease the time, effort, and cost of distribution. Work with one single vendor to meet all your distribution and booking requirements.

About Selfbook

Uniquely positioned at the intersection of fintech and hospitality, Selfbook transforms hotel bookings and payments from the inside out. Working in tandem with hotels’ existing technology systems, Selfbook enhances what matters most to hotels, including direct conversion, revenue, cash flow control, and security. Built by a team of hospitality veterans, Selfbook’s products provide a refreshingly effortless user experience for guests and hoteliers alike. Selfbook is committed to empowering hotels worldwide with modern e-commerce solutions tailor-made for our industry.