STAY Launches Restaurants PRO, The Ultimate Booking Manager System for Hotels

The company tops the rankings of digitized resort and all-inclusive services worldwide, with +1000 clients in 67 countries

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STAY launches Restaurants PRO, a software solution that allows hotel staff to manage their restaurants and bars in a visual, intuitive, flexible way that adapts to the specific needs of the hotels and resorts.

This is one of the most ambitious projects of the year for the Spanish company, which has digitized the guest experience in over 1,000 clients in 67 countries topping the rankings of digitized resort and all-inclusive services worldwide.

The purpose of Restaurants PRO is to provide technology that meets the demands of hotel restaurants and bars in a precise manner. In other words, a system that understands the daily activity of a hotel and its staff, the different types of guests, and the importance of having all the customer?s information at hand and in real time. A fully flexible tool that will enhance the guest experience.

Restaurants PRO integrates with the hotel's PMS, so guests can be segmented based on their categories (for example, all included, VIP, or even passersby not staying at the hotel). Due to the integration, all the guest?s information in the PMS will be attached to their restaurant reservations.

It also allows a property's staff to design a dining room or bar on a screen, dragging and dropping different tables around and allowing them to manage reservations on the fly through a device.

A major strength of this tool is its flexibility, since it can be used to combine different elements, such as tables, areas of the hotel, etc., for an optimal use of space.

STAY's new functionality also allows hotels to define time slots in a way that suits them best. From the guest's perspective, all of this translates into an awesome booking experience, since they only need to provide the date and number of people for the reservation. Immediately after, they will be able to view, through their smartphones, the availability in the venue?s restaurants/bars/canteensin a very visual way and by time slots.

As a world leader in the digitization of resorts and all-inclusive properties, STAY has also taken into consideration the specificities of these hotels, their limitations and needs, to solve the deficiencies of generic reservation management systems in a precise manner.

In the words of Joan Lladó, CEO of the company, "a hotel has a high level of complexity. As a result, we develop digital tools that are customized to hotels' operations. Restaurants PRO was born from this particular casuistry and after hours of active listening. It will now be easier, more flexible, and more intuitive to segment, maneuver, and change the layout of a dining room or bar area. Using a device that provides real-time information and integrates with their PMS, the staff can keep everything under control.?

About STAY

Top hoteliers use STAY’s Guest Experience OS to provide access to all hotel services from the guests’ smartphones. The hotel will reduce annoying queues at the front desk, streamline staff operations and increase consumption during the stay, among other benefits for both staff and guests. Over 1,000 hotels in 67 countries have trusted us to improve their guest's experience and take it to the next level. We work with a variety of prestigious hotel chains like NH Hotels, Meliá, Palladium, Berceló, RIU or AMR Collection, as well as independent hotels and resorts. Intuitive to use, simple to implement. It's always about finding the best solution to make hotel life easier for everyone. Guest Experience Made Easy.