The Importance of Stocktaking in Hospitality: How To Manage It With HKeeper Highlights

Do you really need to worry about warehouse inventory? Our answer is resounding 'Yes'! Check out this article to find out why you should implement HKeeper software within your business right now.

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In our previous article, we discussed how to reduce and prevent unnecessary operational costs with HKeeper new feature ‘Highlights’. In this article, we will continue this topic and will take a closer look at the Highlights’ capabilities for a hotel’s material resources usage which will help you to keep track and manage inventory. 

Warehouses stock balances counting is one of the most common time killers for many hotels as its a manual and pretty tedious process. The frequency of stocktaking performance depends on how much control you want to have over your business and when would you prefer finding out about your losses. The year-end? At the end of the month? Quarterly? Weekly? Daily? Once you answer this, you will be in a better position to determine how often you should perform stocktaking.

A lack of a tool that allows you to keep a daily inventory of balances leads to the fact that you need to buy more than enough (aka raise additional costs)!

In HKeeper we understand that the hotel is a living organism with its own dynamic motion of material resources remainder. That’s why we developed not the only function that allows to track usage of material resources but also ‘Inventory Issue Highlights’.

Let’s say your hotel needs 3 linen par to ensure a sufficient supply for your workflow. But, without accurate everyday information about how much linen was sent to the laundry, used during room cleaning and what was discarded due to damages or stains, you should buy more pars to avoid shortage! 

How to avoid this? The thing is, with HKeeper the employees receive every task via mobile app, which allows the system to automatically count the number of taken in & out and discarded items from each room; the system recalculates the remaining stock in the warehouse during those task performances in real-time. 

This count gives a daily report of what goes to the laundry, so you can monitor when it returns if it is equal to the same amount. Meanwhile, Discarded items also counted.

Another example is the Maintenance Department usage of HKeeper for their tasks’ performances: an employee can markdown what was replaced (from stock) in the system and it will be automatically recalculated in the remaining stock in the warehouse. 

As was already mentioned, the HKeeper allows you to not only simplify the process of inventory and audits but it also reminds you when you have to place an order with vendors and suppliers. That function calls ’Inventory Issue Highlights’.

How does it work? 

From the moment employees start performing tasks in the HKeeper app, they generate reports and trigger highlights (customized in settings) for each item which has a set stock balance limit. When the limit reaches the specified bound the system highlights a low item balance on the Dashboard.

As you may see, the benefits from Inventory itself and the Highlights feature are significant financially and reduce tension and stress in the daily rote job. Especially when you know that the smart system counts everything properly and doesn't miss something important. 

Using HKeeper on daily basis save time, increase accuracy and allow you to keep on providing a high level of service to the guests.


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