The Hotels Network is Reinventing Personalization

Hoteliers are being given effortless power to boost direct bookings with THN’s newest product launch

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The Hotels Network (THN) is putting the power back into the hands of hoteliers’ to unleash the full potential of their direct channel with the launch of the most sophisticated personalization platform for hotels. Incredibly easy to use, this all-new platform will transform the way hotel teams work, enabling brands to drive higher revenue without having to invest more time or resources.

Today, a personalized customer experience is an expectation of consumers, and this includes hotel guests. This is why THN is doubling down on personalization to provide hoteliers with precisely what they need to accompany visitors throughout every step of the online booking journey to boost conversion rates and grow their direct channel.

Completely reinventing personalization, this pioneering website technology with extensive new capabilities allows hoteliers to:

  • Save time: Hoteliers can now choose from templates with tried and tested website messages or create and automatically apply brand themes to any or all of their properties. 

  • Enjoy total flexibility: The platform is fully no-code with a user-friendly interface, so anyone is able to personalize the hotel website experience in real time, without any tech configuration, additional programming or developer help.

  • Think mobile-first: The mobile experience is optimized for users with new configuration options and layouts that will integrate messages seamlessly.

  • Predict behavior: Enhanced targeting rules and optimized audiences that accurately predict user behavior mean that hoteliers can display hyper-relevant content to their website users. 

  • Visualize and experiment: Workflows allow hoteliers to build their desired customer journeys visually, with built in A/B testing and interactive dashboards to optimize performance.

THN’s Founder, Juanjo Rodriguez, explained the reasoning behind the launch, “At The Hotels Network, we have a vision. It’s about reinventing personalization, throughout the entire online user journey. Our endgame has always been to grow the revenue of the hotels within our network. With this unique product we are able to accomplish just that, all while saving hoteliers valuable time and resources.”

Hoteliers can benefit from THN’s reinvented personalization platform by visiting the company’s website today to speak with an expert about building an effective direct channel growth strategy. 

About The Hotels Network

The Hotels Network is an innovative technology company working with over 16,000 hotels around the globe. Boasting an international team of specialists with deep expertise in hospitality, product design and consumer marketing, the company offers clients a full-stack growth platform to power their direct channel. By leveraging a series of integrated tools and analytics, hotel brands can attract, engage and convert guests throughout the user journey.

In addition to price comparison, reviews summary and a full suite of personalization options, THN’s Predictive Personalization product harnesses machine learning techniques to predict user behavior and then automatically personalizes both the message and the offer for each user. The company’s recent innovation, BenchDirect, is the first benchmarking product for the direct channel, providing hotels with never-before-seen competitive data.

THN is proud to have been recognized for the company’s product innovations, rapid growth, and unique workplace culture, most recently winning the Best Direct Booking Tool for 2023 in the prestigious HotelTechAwards.