What is HKeeper? It's the Operational Cost Management Tool.

HKeeper is like a modern car's dashboard

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Digital technology is making its way into every aspect of the Hospitality industry: PMS, CRM, ERP, OTA, and other available three letters abbreviations online systems for hotels. But what is HKeeper? Well, first of all, none of the above. 

Albert Einstein once said, “If you can't explain it to a six-year-old, you don't understand it yourself.” So today, we’ll try our best to explain by giving an example of what is HKeeper is all about and why you need it ASAP. 

“HKeeper is like a modern car’s dashboard, — explained Svetlana Udalov, CEO & Founder of HKeeper. — When you sit in a car that has a dashboard where everything is counted automatically, how many kilometers you drove, how much gas is in the tank, the oil level, and what is the pressure in the tires. Thus you know in what condition your car is in and how far it can go.  

Drawing parallels between the hotel and the car, where everything is constantly moving and changing — outside the hotel looks very technological, but inside the hotel, everything is done manually! 

There are boards with written tasks on papers, hand-written color sticker-reminders, physical count inventory, and other manual processes. The guest request services are managed based on verbal forms through the Walkie-Talkie. Thus, the satisfaction of guests decreases and employees spend long hours receiving tasks, and it is quite challenging to control.”

Today’s hotelier must understand, know, and use digital tech solutions in their everyday environment because without the right tool, we just blindly drive. We want to quit this paradigm, and that’s where we are coming closer to the answer what is HKeeper. 

HKeeper is a new technology developed to manage the efficiency of labor and cuts operational expenses.   

HKeeper makes all operation process transparent and measurable. On one Dashboard, you will see who, how long, and where works in real-time, stay connected with the whole team constantly since each employee will work through the HKeeper mobile application.

Live notifications about employees' overtime, standard task time limit exceeds, repetitive maintenance issues in the same room, and low warehouse stock balances are all about controlling and preventing the growth of the negative trends and overspends as well.

As a result of automation and workflow synchronization, HKeeper increases productivity and reduces operating costs by up to 30%. HKeeper saves 20% of your time, eliminating the need to make a report and analytics as it will be generated automatically as well.

Do not believe it? Bring your calculator, accountant, or both, and schedule a demo at our site.


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