How Easyway Helped Atlas Hotels Enhance Upselling, Promote their Loyalty Program, and Communicate Effectively with their Guests

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Atlas Hotels to verify this case study.
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Atlas Hotels is a great example of how implementing Easyway's Guest Relationship Management platform can advance upselling efforts, boost loyalty programs and create serviceable communication with guests. Read below to learn more about what Easyway can do for you!
Why it matters: If you're looking to grow your hotel's income, ensure your service level is top-notch, and cut costs on operational pain points throughout the guest journey - you should definitely utilize Easyway's platform.
  • The platform allows for easier and smoother communication between hotel staff and hotel guests, making loyalty programs and various upselling opportunities much simpler to promote. When you leverage the platform to expose guests to all the benefits you offer, they are much more inclined to take you up on them :)

Top 3 Core Objectives: All the defined objectives center around Atlas Hotels' desire to increase revenue while maintaining top-grade service levels.
  • Optimize guest communication:: Ensuring communication with guests is easy, straightforward, effective, and serviceable, to maintain the hotels' incredible service levels.

  • Increase hotel revenue:: Boosting upselling opportunities to make sure guests can enjoy everything the hotel has to offer while increasing the hotel's bottom line.

  • Promote the loyalty program:: Publicizing and advancing the hotels' loyalty programs to encourage returning guests and increase revenue.


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Atlas Hotels
Shenhav Tzadok
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Shenhav Tzadok who verified this case study.

Atlas Loyalty Club Manager

Atlas Hotels

"We were looking for a way to improve guest communication without doubling on our manpower, thereby doubling our costs. With Easyway we’ve been able to do just that!"

Shenhav Tzadok

Atlas Loyalty Club Manager

👍 Atlas Loyalty Club Manager Shenhav Tzadok said that Digitizing communication was critical in improving service levels at a low cost.:
  • "We were looking for a way to improve guest communication without doubling on our manpower, thereby doubling our costs. With Easyway we’ve been able to do just that!"

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Shenhav Tzadok also researched Duve, and ultimately decided Easyway was the best fit for them.
  • Atlas Loyalty Club Manager Shenhav Tzadok said, about their decision: "When choosing a partner to work with, Atlas Hotels ultimately decided that Easyway was the best fit for them as the Easyway platform provided the best ROI on the market."

📈 The results: Easyway supported Atlas Hotels in their mission to provide their guests with the best of the best while increasing their bottom line.
  • As guests were able to communicate with the hotel via their favorite messaging app, communication became much easier and quicker both for them and for hotel staff.

  • As guests used Easyway's platform to engage with hotel staff, Atlas Hotels were able to promote the chain's loyalty program in a much more effective manner.

  • Easyway's Guest Portal enabled guests to easily access all upselling opportunities the hotels offer, which, naturally, boosted upselling.

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